1 Month to Ironman Lake Placid 2015

ironman lake placid

ONE MONTH to Ironman Lake Placid!  Yesterday officially marked one month to Ironman Lake Placid!  I am feeling so ready, are you?  I know these that it’s easy to constantly look ahead these final days but I understand the importance of focus on each day as they come leading up to racing day. One day at a time, Keli.  That’s probably a great topic for today’s video blog actually… staying in the present. Something that can challenge me, being a funny combination of a yogi and triathlete.  I’ve been enjoying sharing the daily video blogs.  I was so nervous when I started but after just over 2 weeks I’m starting to get comfortable doing them.  Greg posted the most funny video yesterday and he’s challenged me to a topic I can’t wait to cover on Monday.

ironman lake placid mmrf team for cures

Yesterday also marked exactly 35.5 years of my life. I celebrated it. Just like a 12 year old celebrates a half birthday. I made the commitment is to raise $35,000 for the MMRF to give thanks and celebrate my 35 years. I will race to honor my Aunt Mary who lives with Multiple Myeloma and to remember Kara, who passed 8 months ago from cancer. She would have been 35 years old last month. She was a cycler and the first to get me out there encouraging me to ride the hills and I have a card she wrote me to read during the race on my bike. I will make sure to fully stop on my bike to look around, give thanks and then read it.  My #1 goal is to reach my commitment. My #2 goal (as of four weeks ago when we received the news) is to finish in the top 4 on our team (top 2 on this leader board) which will earn me a spot to race KONA World Championships representing the MMRF.  I am asking for help to reach my goals but trying to give back to those who are able to contribute or those who share my goals.

The truth is…the MMRF is as important to me as the actual race this time around.  In fact, I sit here thinking about what’s more important. My race goal or my MMRF goal.  They are both important but you can probably guess which one is most important to me inside. Thanks to everyone who’s contributed for the IMLP race day tattoos by the way, it means a LOT to me and can’t wait to see everyone in their tats on race day. This project has been one of my favorites.  At the end of the day, I want to reach the commitment and that’s what matters most. I’ve committed to wearing MMRF for the final 50 days leading up to race day and promise to focus on my goal daily. Yes, that means I wear my MMRF tri kit, running single, or bike top everywhere I go. Wednesday I worked on fundraising contacts until 4:00am and last night canceled going out working on fundraising projects. Just like Ironman training, sometimes I get overwhelmed but then remind myself how much fun this process has been.  When I get nervous or overwhelmed, I make myself stop and express gratitude for the opportunity.  It occurred to me at midnight that I hadn’t eaten lunch or dinner (Big no-no, I know!) so check out what happened at 1:00am in Philly last night below. I have to tell you though that I think it was worth it just this one time because I haven’t visited Lorenzo’s South Street Phlly since last summer.  Yummmm! I was grateful to connect with someone else who supports the MMRF through racing last week and I expressed that I’m not sure how I will feel standing at the starting line if I don’t reach my commitment. I can imagine it will be emotional but so long as I know I gave it everything I had, I will be happy with my outcome.  His response was perfect and I’ve posted it on my bathroom mirror… “When you jump into the water, remember why you are doing this…and don’t forget to breathe!”  I have to give thanks for all of the support I’ve received throughout training for this Ironman. It’s been such an incredible experience and I’ve learned so much by being part of the MMRF Team for Cures.  I think I have made more friends training for this race than ever before.  I want to say thank you to each and every person who has played a roll in this journey.

Ohhhh, and how do you like my new googles?  I call them #SwimForLove.  I picked these up on sale at the TriRock Philly expo yesterday.  Do you just love the look?  Especially trying on the swim top over the tri kit? Tomorrow I race Tri Rock Philly, which is my last triathlon before Ironman Lake Placid!  I’m off to pickup my bike now from a tune up and then hit the pool. Have a great weekend of training!  And take a moment every day to focus on the present, remember why you are doing this. Give thanks for being able to. xo Keli

lorenzos pizza philadelphi


Tired? Ironman Lake Placid 2015

So…. I’ve been waking up tired the past few days.  Bummer, really it bums me out but I’m relieved to know that I am not alone. I am so grateful for the support fellow athletes provide one anther.  Are our minds or bodies trying to tell us something? Maybe, just maybe, we should listen to it.


CRAZY is a compliment: Ironman Lake Placid

Ironman Lake Placid 2015 Review
Has anyone every told you that “you’re crazy” for racing the world’s most challenging endurance race?   140.6 miles in under 17 hours all within one day.  Come on, I know that I’m not the only one. Some days I think about it and it sounds crazy. But I know that it’s not. It’s quite the opposite, in fact. Most days I feel strong, proud, energized and capable of handling the challenges ahead of me. Key word:  Most days, not all. There were times over the winter I wondered what the heck I was doing. I remember looking outside at the snow covered ground and thinking about how nice it would be to curl up on the sofa with a warm cocoa, a blanket and a movie but then I’d lace up my shoes and venture outside to keep my commitment to myself. Crazy?  Nope.

Maybe your ideas or goals have been called crazy. Or, maybe you have been called crazy. Well, congratulations. You’re in good company. But why is crazy often looked at as a negative thing? Last night I took a Facebook quiz “What’s the Hidden Meaning Behind Your Birthday” These quizzes are just for fun and a little bit of nonsense although I went ahead and took it anyways. Looks like Facebook knows me well…and the result includes one of my favorite Steve Jobs quotes which I’ve blogged and posted before here. Click and see the image after it, btw. I do not actually think I have the ability to change the world, although I do hope that by pursuing the things I am passionate about that I am able to make a difference.  And if everyone set out to make a difference then together we probably would change the world. Call me crazy, but making a difference matters to me. Linda Rottenberg, author of Crazy is a Compliment and CEO of Endeavor, a global nonprofit says ”If you’re not called crazy you’re not thinking big enough…”  So next time someone calls you crazy for pursuing your dreams or goals, tell them THANK YOU.  Like Steve Jobs said “the ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do”  Crazy is a compliment.

Check out today’s video blog on Crazy and my goals for racing on Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation Team for Cures.  Happy training. Keli



Ironman Lake Placid 2015 goals

Goals for Ironman Lake Placid.  Dan posted his goals for IMLP (awesome goals, Dan) yesterday in the IMLP Facebook group and asked us all to share our goals.  Hmmmmppppph. That question has me thinking and while I’m on my lunch break thought I should begin the list now.  I am certain this list will have multiple edits and additions over these final 33 days of training. As most of you know, I am racing on the MMRF Team for Cures and training for this race while raising awareness for the MMRF has become an extremely emotional (in a good way) experience. So, here are my current goals for IMLP.

1.  Give thanks for having a body and mind capable of racing 140.6 miles.

2.  Enjoy all events including IM Village, Yoga, MMRF reception, race day and post-race athlete breakfast.

3.  Meet ALL of my teammates on the MMRF Team for Cures. Talk to each of them individually.

4.  Thank all volunteers that I talk to the entire week and during the race. Look out for friends who are volunteering along the way. I know this will keep me smiling to see people I know on the course. Express my appreciation.

5.  Give back. Teach Yoga for Triathletes Thursday and Friday by donation to MMRF.

6.  Sleep by 9:45pm on race night.  (9:30pm is my goal but I am sharing a house with awesome people from PTC tri club so I will take 9:45pm!)

7. ENJOY from start to finish.

8.  Hug this guy named Greg Bacon who I have never met because on his list #8 is “Hug Keli “Yoga Peach!” What a nice guy!

9.  Find Chuck before the race in transition, hug him and wish him an amazing race. Hugs are becoming a trend here.

10.  Arrive the start line and give thanks. Honor my Aunt.  Remember Kara.

11.  Avoid crying at the start line.

12.  Read the card Kara wrote me to read on my bike.

13.  Pee on my bike??

14.  No complaints. Give thanks the entire way, remembering that it was my choice. Break things down mile by mile. Think “Just 1 mile, Keli…140.6 times.”

15.  When the going gets tough, swear. A lot. It helps. And then use my yoga practice to get through it.

16.  Accept any mistakes and issues that may arise.  Adjust accordingly.  No big journey is 100% perfect.

17.  a)  Reach my commitment to the MMRF.  b)  Finish.  Within my goal time. c) Just FINISH! 

18.  Slow down as I approach the finish line. Put lipgloss on (it’s a tradition). Remember to dance…dance…DANCE down the chute. Smile, pause and honor Mary and remember Kara.

19. Listen and hear it “You are an IRONMAN.” Avoid crying at the finish line but hey at this point, whatever happens…happens.

20.  Stay until midnight. Support and cheer for all athletes. Hug people. Lots of them!  Athletes, spectators, volunteers and staff  of MMRF.  GIVE THANKS FOR THIS INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY. 

BEST WISHES TO YOU ALL!!!!!  xoxo Keli


5 weeks to Ironman Lake Placid!

ironman lake placid training plan

Happy 5 weeks to Ironman Lake Placid, Happy Summer Solstice and Happy Father’s Day!  Whoa, 5 weeks to IMLP means we’re down to counting days now!  34 days to be exact. Training is going awesome!  Minus the mishap on Saturday where I took off for my 5 hour ride and noticed something felt off. Do you see what is wrong in the picture above?  Oh, and minus the fact that Sunday (today)  I waited until 12 noon to start my 15 mile run today. Man was it hot! But I can’t feel sorry for myself or complain when it was my choice to wait until mid day to get going. All in all training is great and I’ve been getting more comfortable with my daily Ironman Video Blogs. It was a process getting started. I was almost afraid but I noticed today I really looked forward to it, especially the topic being To pee or not to pee (on the bike)…THAT is the question. I guess just like training once you get going you get into a rhythm and things start to flow. Fundraising for MMRF Team for Cures continues to be on my mind almost every hour of each day right now. It continues to challenge yet excite me. This weekend I have moved down town #8 on the team. It makes me nervous but I am still determined to reach the commitment I made on the day I signed up for this race.  Oh and Happy Father’s Day, guys!  My dad always told us not to buy gifts for these holidays when we were kids so this year I made a donation to the Multiple Myeloma Research and sent my parents the following message this morning:  Dad and Mom, Dad told us not to buy gifts for these holidays when we were kids so this year I made a donation to the MMRF for his Father’s Day gift. And his Father’s Day card? That amount and the stamp also went to the MMRF so tell him to expect a phone call later today! I am 100% certain he will think this was the best gift to give this year. Every day is Father’s Day. Every day is Mother’s Day. Giving thanks every day for you both. I love you.

hypnobabies philadelphia

Last night I took one of my mentors out for a farewell dinner.  A “Love Boat” sushi platter, wine, and friendship makes for a perfect evening. It seems like every 6 months good friends move away. Wait, no. Another very close friend moved in March. This time it’s going Karen headed off to pursue a new adventure with her family. I am so proud to have learned so much from Karen. She has being an incredible mentor, friend, and given so much to the Philadelphia birth community. Karen inspires me to give all that I have as I move forward with my work in birthing. What does any of this have to do with Ironman? I know this may sound funny and it’s a topic for another post but there are so many parallels between birth and triathlon.  Seriously, there are, and so many things that I’ve learned as a birth professional apply perfectly to triathlon. I actually use several concepts from work while racing. Especially in Ironman.

That’s about it for tonight. It’s almost midnight and I’m exhausted. I can’t wait for the week of training ahead because I know there is so much good stuff ahead. Pretty sure the outdoor pool opens this week too!  Good night and happy training this week!  Keli

p.s. I love this saying. If you only read part of it, read the first and last sentence.


Positive People: Ironman Lake Placid MMRF Team for Cures

Red Starburst!  Almost sure most of us prefer the red Starbusts over the yellow! Enjoying my yummy breakfast here at Sip n’ Glo. Happy Thursday. 37 days left to train for Ironman Lake Placid on MMRF Team for Cures.  Thank you all for following this journey and for any support, it all makes such a difference. Even those who share, you have reached people.  Thank you so much.


BREATHE: 38 days to Ironman Lake Placid

How do you manage anxiety and stress? Today I want to talk about the breath. There are a number of effective breathing techniques that help relieve anxiety. I just want briefly talk about the benefits of taking basic breathing. There’s nothing new to learn here today.

Breathe. There is nothing more important to our bodies and our emotions as the breath. Without the breath, what do we have? Beyond the obvious for oxygen, the breath plays an important role in regulating our emotions. The breath communicates with the body that all is well. When we breathe deeply we tell the body it can relax. Focus on breathing deeply, expanding the diaphragm allowing it to fill up fully and as you exhale release everything. Relax and allow your emotions to release. Think of this as internal yoga. Deep breathing slows the body’s rhythms and restores the calm. Today I invite you to breathe deeply and frequently…and to release anxieties and stress. Can you do this?

1)  Turn your cell phone off every three or four hours. Set an alarm if you have to.

2) Take five deep, relaxing breathes. Soften your gaze and close your eyes. Breathe in deeply through your nose and exhale fully through the mouth. On each exhalation, visualize any tension or stress leaving your body.

Big hugs! Happy calm Wednesday!  Keli


Discipline: 39 days to Ironman Lake Placid

Running the Ben Franklin Bridge from PA to NJ. One of my favorite short run routes!

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” -Jim Rohn


6 Weeks to Ironman Lake Placid 2015

ironman lake placid training

Four things came up for me this weekend and this morning that reminded me racing is about so much more than race day.  Racing teaches us so many things that are relevant to day to day life. Here’s what came up for me.

team for cures mmrf ironman

DREAMS Friday I received an email that we have just 6 weeks left. It made my stomach sink just a little. Last week was one of the most challenging weeks, efforts and emotionally. I had one of my least successful weeks fundraising and dropped to #5 on the MMRF Team For Cures. I felt frustrated, disappointed in myself and sad.  My goal by today, June 15, was to reach the $15,000 milestone.  The commitment I made 9 months ago is to raise $35,000 for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. Why $35,000?  Here is my why. I am currently approaching $11,000 with 40 days to go. I remind myself that where I am today is okay and I accept where I am. I visualize my goals daily.  This is my #1 passion and priority of 2015. What this will feel like when it comes to an end? Will I be happy? Will I be sad? I think I will stay involved. I want to make a difference and I want to reach my commitment for the research and development of a cure. I know this must be possible. I know this day will be one of the more significant days in my life so I will continue to give this 100% of my effort. If you’d like some IMLP race day tattoos or you’d like 1 mile of my race dedicated to you, your business or someone you’d like to honor and your name tattooed somewhere on my body on race day please reach out and contact me for details. This is all by donation to the MMRF.

ironman lake placid 2015

POSITIVE MINDSET Saturday I woke up and just did not want to train. I love training and can not remember the last time I felt this way.  I made the first 4 miles of my 15 mile run so much harder than it needed to be. Shifting our DON’Ts to DOs are essential to achieving our goals. I reminded myself of what I WANT verses what I DON’T want.  I ran down to cheer on Students Run Philly at the finish line of the Generation 5K. I never ran a day in my life as a kid. Look at him go up there behind me!! Wow, it inspired me to keep running. The rest of the run was hot and humid but it was totally doable. Such a blessing to be able to do this. Oh, and did I tell you I went out this weekend to the bar?  I fit in some social “me” time two weekends in a row. That’s a BIG deal for me. And get this… I ran into one of the guys from my Run for Hot Guys charity projects too! Too funny, what are the chances? If you have no idea what I mean, feel free to ask me.

STEP OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE  Sunday Routine is a great thing to keep us going in training and life, but we can’t expect progress always doing the same thing and always doing things that are easy.  Train just outside your comfort zone to find what lies just beyond.  Training includes stepping outside your comfort zone, pushing through obstacles, growth, finding your flow, and ultimately achieving your goals.

REST Monday Last night I dreamed I was racing Ironman and went the wrong way. Panicked, quickly turned around, and woke up at 1:00am with my head at the foot of the bed and my feet at the top of the bed. Relieved it was a dream although apparently I was practice racing in my sleep. CLEARLY my body was telling me to slowwwwwww down. It is okay if you wake up some days and think “today is a day I need to give my body a rest.” I’m so happy today is my rest day which also means a yoga day! More is not necessarily better. Your body needs time off. It seems we live in a society where we are expected to just go go go. What is rest, anyways?  Most people I meet these days feel guilty at the thought of taking a minute just to do nothing. I admit I am guilty of it too. Yesterday after a hot 5 hour bike ride and 30 minute run I  felt exhausted.  11 hours of training this weekend and I just wanted to nap Sunday afternoon at 3:30pm.  I could barely function. I didn’t want to work, clean, talk to anyone. I rarely nap and actually had to think about it and give myself permission to nap yesterday. Now that’s just silly.

Our bodies need rest, especially after we push them.  All of us will benefit from taking a moment in your to rest and recuperate from whatever it is we do. It could do wonders for your day-to-day life. It will recharge your ability to deal with your commitments, relationships and your overall health and wellbeing and you’ll end up with MORE and energy and the efficiency of a well rested mind and body will make every area of your life more productive and joyful. When you just go go go, without taking a minute, you are mentally and physically exhausting yourself. Any of this sounding a little familiar to you? Remember, your mind and body are intrinsically connected. Please try to take a moment, a few minutes out in your day or even a few minutes a week if that’s what you are capable of doing right now to just REST. Put it in your calendar! Add it to that overflowing list of things tno do. Treat it like work any other commitments, because it is ESSENTIAL. Your body works so hard for you all day every day so treat it with respect and give it some time to recharge. When you do this, you will actually find that you are more present and have more energy to get through the day happier. I am a big fan of yoga and connecting the mind, body and breath and enjoyed self yoga practice this morning after my Ginger-turmeric banana protein smoothie and look forward to teaching Yoga Sport and Hot Yoga this evening.  Its one of my favorite ways to release and recharge.

Alright, that’s a wrap.  Before I forget, congratulations to everyone who raced this weekend!  So many events happened. Generation 5K, Oddyssey Half Marathon, Boulder 70.3, Eagleman 70.3, Escape the Cape, French Iron Century Tour, Gary’s ACS Bike-a-thon, and I am sure much more. Congrats to you all. There are 40 days left to train for IMLP so for those who are training, I wish you a very happy and productive week ahead.


DREAMS: Ironman Lake Placid MMRF Team for Cures

Almond Date Smoothie

Good (late) morning!  Sipping a delicious natural Almond-Date smoothie at Downdog Healing Cafe while I work on my efforts for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation Team for Cures.  Why have I not tried this smoothie sooner? Soooo delicious!  I love everything about this cafe.  The location, food, the energy.

We have just 43 days left to train before racing Ironman Lake Placid!  I am far from my commitment to raise $35,000 for the MMRF but I know that there is still time.  I will continue to work hard these final 43 days to do everything I can to reach my goal.

Yesterday I can across this BEAUTIFUL quote by TN Trivett. So many friends re-shared it so I thought I would share it again with you today.  I wrote it on a napkin because I always write my own #YOGAPEACHNOTES on napkins from coffee shops and cafes.  I found TN Trivett on instagram. Check out her beautiful poems and quotes. Her words are beautiful.  Do you know the power of sharing?   Can I ask you to share this message today? Happy training IMLPers and happy Friday to all. xoxo Keli


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