5 Tips for Eating Healthy on the Road: Ironman Lake Placid

ironman lake placid training

When you think of summer weekends away, what food come to mind? When you think of eating on the road, what do you think of?  I am looking forward to tomorrow’s road trip to Lake Placid to train the Ironman Lake Placid course over Memorial Day weekend. Making nutritious food choices will have a positive impact on how I perform and how I feel overall. Healthy food and hydration sustain your energy levels, fuel your muscles, help you recover quickly, and just make you feel so much better. With all of the training I intend to get in this weekend I’ll probably indulge at one dinner this weekend but for the most part I will be mindful with my choices. Even though it won’t be as easy as eating at home I know that I have options.

Here are some basic tips to help you eat healthy while you’re traveling on the road this summer. I’ve just packed some food above for the road trip and the weekend.  l will make this quick because it’s already 10pm,  I need to pack and I’d love to be in bed by midnight so I’m up for my 5am run before we hit the road.

1) Make a commitment to yourself.  When you know you’ll be traveling make the commitment to yourself before you depart.  Think about the impact it will have. Commit to making healthy choices while you are on the road. You can make excuses “I don’t have time to prepare snacks for the road” or make the decision to commit.

2)  Healthy eating starts where you stop. If you’re on the road and stop at a fast-food joint, your food choices will be limited to fast food. But if you stop at a grocery store that offers whole or healthy foods—fruits, veggies, nuts, hummus, yogurt, hard boiled eggs, and so on you expand your choices and reduce junk food temptations. Better yet, plan…

3)  Plan your snacks.  There’s something about being in a car that makes some of us want to eat lots of snacks. Often when we’re traveling, we don’t have access to food at regular intervals. Or worse, we skip meals and once we hit a rest stop we over indulge. And when do you ever remember a rest stop meal that was even that good? You’re also miles away from your kitchen, and you can drive for hours without seeing anything more nutritious than gas station food. So plan for the trip. Make a list a few days before you depart  for the trip. Take a trip to the store the day before you leave. Measure out snacks into containers or bags to avoid eating the entire bag as you drive. With just a little smart packing and a good plan, you can eat almost as healthy on the road as you do at home.

4) Eat frequently, and in smaller amounts. So you like those snacks you prepared for your road trip, right?  Eating small amounts of healthy foods throughout the trip will keep you satisfied and sustain your energy level throughout the long trip. Eating too much at one time will make you feel sluggish and sleepy. So keep on eating throughout the trip, bit by bit.

5)  Drink lots of water. Yes, lots. You may be hesitant to drink water on the road because that could mean more stops to use the bathroom. How long does your average rest stop bathroom break really take though?  It’s good to get out of the car to stretch…do some yoga while you are at it for bonus points. Seriously, a little yoga may reset you. Do  those few extra minutes really matter?  Probably not. Drinking plenty of water will also help curb junk food road trip cravings. Many of the unhealthy cravings we experience on the road can be satisfied with a refreshing drink of pure water.

Happy traveling!  See you soon in Lake Placid.

Yoga for Ironman Lake Placid: Hot Yoga Lake Placid

lake placid hot yoga classes

This weekend at Hot Yoga Lake Placid! I look forward to guest teaching Friday, May 22nd 5:30-6:30pm and Monday May 25 7:00-8:00am for a fun all-levels Warm Vinyasa class. This class is designed to benefit triathletes who are training for IRONMAN Lake Placid​. Everyone is welcome, all levels and first timers encouraged to join us. By donation to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation – MMRF #MMRFTeam4Cures #IMLP2015 #Ironmanlakeplacid #Lakeplacidyoga

Hope to see you for yoga!


Ironman Lake Placid Training: The Rest Day

philadelphia yoga for athletes

Say WHAT? A REST day? What is that?  I can’t believe the day has arrived where this girl wants to RUN when the schedule says rest. Yes…the girl who told you just 8 weeks ago that she hates running,  Consistency leads to growth and this feels great.  It’s quite possible I may actually be starting to love running but let’s not push it and go there just quite yet. I’m not sure what’s happening but I feel some sort of transition going on lately with me and running.  It’s quite possible I may actually be starting to love running but let’s not push it and go there just quite yet. Oh, how do you like my “Why can’t I run?” face below??

ironman lake placid 2015

ironman lake placid training

It was thanks to a truly stellar past week of training Ironman Lake Placid that I was itching to run as I woke up this morning. Sounds like a good thing, but today is an “OFF” day from training. There are weeks where it’s challenging to get started, weeks where you mess up and you know… kill a goose, and then weeks like the last one where you are totally pumped and want to keep pushing hard!  I knew this rest day would be beneficial with the Lake Placid training coming up this weekend but I really didn’t want this past week to end. It’s OKAY! Guess where I headed instead?  I know it is thanks to my to my fourth discipline of triathlon, my yoga practice, that my body woke up feeling completely normal today after a 5+ hour ride Saturday and 16 mile run yesterday.  As I began Hot Yoga this morning I quickly became aware of how much I needed to be on my mat.  Strength training in yoga challenged me this morning and at the same time yoga allowed me to release and let go. Hip openers and shoulder openers felt especially good today. As we flowed through Sun Salutations I noticed my movements, breath and mind sink together.  I visualized how what I learn off the mat directly influences my performance on race days. I felt stronger as my practice went on.  I was lucky to get a triple dose 3 1/2 of yoga today, then teaching back to back yoga classes this evening.  I enjoy teaching as much as I enjoy practicing .  I appreciate the opportunity tonight to teach one private session followed by an all-levels Hot Vinyasa class. There is nothing that compares to the way yoga makes my body and mind feel.

It’s easy to get wrapped up and consumed with training once we establish rhythm, although today’s rest day reminded me of something that is one of the greatest secrets to endurance, and frankly life.  The days that we rest are essential. It is on these days where our bodies to repair themselves. A rest day IS in a sense a day of training. On these days we train the body and mind to restore themselves. Allow yourself these days off days to rest.  Be good to yourself in the process. Trust your training flow. I hope this week is as strong as last week for me and wish you all the very best in your week ahead. Extra love to my IMLP and IMMD buds.

p.s. Can you read my shirt?  They gave this shirt to me tonight to teach in.  Leave a comment if you can seriously read it.


10 Weeks to Ironman Lake Placid: #RunForHotGuys

run for hot guys

I am so excited to write this blog today!  I feel like I crushed this past week of training. With 10 weeks to Ironman Lake Placid I’m surprisingly feeling happy and alive. Last Sunday’s ride set me up for an excellent week. I really enjoyed every single day of training these last 7 days, even though two of them were incredibly hard to get started.  Oddly, those two ended up being perhaps the most successful and somehow exceeded my expectations…

Thursday’s run started rocky and ending up awesome.  I woke up late, missed my sunrise group run, and remained angry with myself for a good portion of the morning. I almost felt like I wasn’t going to get out there.  I had two options:  to remain bitchy or turn my attitude around. I figured why waste a beautiful day and went with the second option. I was able to fit in a mid-day run, which just meant I’d be working really late (midnight) that night but I’ll take it.  Some of you may already be familiar with my new project Run for Hot Guys which benefits the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation to raise awareness and funds to help find a cure for cancer.  I am racing Ironman Lake Placid on the official charity team, MMRF Team for Cures in 69 days.  I chose to race on the team because one of my family members lives with Multiple Myeloma and I will also be racing in memory of a friend. It is thanks to this new project and remembering what I am racing for that I got out there on Thursday to exceed my plans reaching 15 miles!

Yesterday consisted of 5.5 hours on the bike, although I confess for the first time I had to split it into two separate rides. Sorry, sometimes work does call and a girl needs to support herself. The first half of the ride came from the Hilly Philly Bike Tour which was one of my hilliest rides yet. It challenged me and I encountered a mishap along the way. Mishaps can often be looked at as positive thing as it gets you thinking about how you’d handle them if they happened on race day.  Today was my first scheduled 16 mile run. It was also the second day this week that I went later than planned. What’s going on?  Doesn’t even matter when things don’t happen as planned and what matters is that you are able to turn them around. Both of these late runs turned out to be two of my best running days ever.  I waited until NOON to get going today on this very hot and humid day.  At 6 miles I checked in on Facebook with the image below. “Mile 6 with 10 to go. Still on the hunt to ‪#‎RunForHotGuys‬. Ohhhhhhh so THIS is why you folks run at the crack of dawn. It’s darn hot and humid at noon but I’m so grateful to have the health, mind and body capable of running. No bitching. Sweating it out, ready to bang out those last 10. 69 days to Ironman!!”  



Training in these conditions are truly beneficial because we never know what the weather will bring on race day. Why not train in all possibly conditions?  Mile 11 was extremely fun. I got caught in the Walk Against Hate 5K which gave me an extra dose of energy and inspiration. I realized at this point that things weren’t as difficult as I thought they would be today.  Once I reached 16 miles I was sweat was running down my face and I didn’t want to stop. It was perhaps one of my best days of running ever and towards the end it screamed, “Keep going!”  I simply can’t remember a more rewarding run in a long time.  I knew not to push past today’s goals so I cooled down walking 3 more miles. I reflected on today’s run throughout my dinner.

You know what’s been far more challenging that training for Ironman? Raising funds for the MMRF.  For the past 7 months it has been something I focus on daily. This is my first time fundraising and it has brought me great challenges, lots of fun and been an extremely rewarding experience which I am grateful for.  I have not shared the goal I set when I signed up to race on the team, but I am contemplating sharing it next weekend with all of you.  It is thanks to the incredible team work from many of you that as of today we are just $60 from $7000.  Something really incredible happened on Friday night too.  Someone I have never met reshared one of my posts and it reached one of her friends who knows someone affected by MM. She donated a generous $100 on Friday night to the MMRF.  I am so thankful for her kindness and share this as a reminder of how we never know who we may reach or impact simply by resharing, Although I have a long way to go until I reach the goal, I truly believe by continuing with consistent effort I will make it happen. I am so excited about my newest project, which I hope will bring awareness to the fact that we are so much more than our physical appearance. I hope people get involved and have lots of fun with it!  You can read more about the project and goals on RunForHotGuys.com.  If you’re interested you can also follow on Facebook, twitter, and instagram.

I spotted today’s hot guy as I reached mile 16 running through City Hall. He was just getting his run started and when I shared the project with him he laughed and thanked me. We ran together for just a few minutes and as I cooled down, he warmed up. It’s always awesome when two runners inspire one another the way we did. Thank you to all who have already supported by participating in my project efforts, contributing to the MMRF, or resharing posts. It all makes a difference and means so much to me. If you feel inspired to contribute to the MMRF, your tax deductible donation will go direct to the MMRF to help find a cure for cancer.

See you all at the starting line of Ironman Lake Placid on MMRF Team for Cures in 69 days.  Love and light, Keli


Hilly Philly Bike Tour

Hilly Philly Bike Tour

Just returned from the Hilly Philly Bike Tour and I’m ready for my blueberry-baanana smoothie. The hilly ride started in Manayunk traveled through 5 peaks of the local area ending back in Manayunk.  The ride was to benefit Gary’s 14th American Cancer Society Bike-a-thonWow, 14!  That’s incredible. It is important to me to attend every ride and run that benefits charity this year, so long as I can make it.  The ride was a challenging 30 miles and I was able to get in 50 miles of training riding before and after the ride.  I’m off to teach yoga now then work until 8:00. Long day ahead but so happy I was able to attend this group ride. I am sure I will be in bed as soon as I reach home tonight.  Thanks for organizing this hilly ride and thanks for your consistent efforts to make a difference, Gary. #HillyPhilly

Hilly Philly Bike Tour

Hilly Philly Bike Tour


Third #RunForHotGuys


Two things inspired me to head out for a second run today…

1)  It was THIS that pumped me up tonight making me want to lace up and head out for my second run today.

2)  I spotted zero guys running on my 10 mile late-morning run.  I am determined to #RunForHotGuys every time I am scheduled to run over these next 73 days leading up to Ironman Lake Placid on MMRF Team for Cures. I’m thankful that over the past 6 days since the project kicked off those who have joined the fun have raised $110 for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation to help find a cure for cancer.

It was kinda funny how I captured tonight’s guy. He pretty much helped me out after we both spotted one another twice on our run. The second time he passed by I was holding up my phone to take a picture. “Hey, do you want me to just take the picture for you?” he asked and I told him no and that I wanted him to be in the picture. Don’t worry… I explained the intentions of the project and like most guys he smiled, laughed, told me his name, age, and said sure thing. He also told me I was wrecking his workout although he was laughing so I think it was all good. This project has made me even more excited to get out there and run. It gives me an additional goal to think about while I’m out there.  Today’s training schedule called for a 10 mile run which turned into 15 miles after my second run.  Although it was split up into two runs (10 mile in the morning and 5 miles tonight) today was the furthest distance I’ve run in one day this year. Yay for #RunForHotGuys.

Curious about #RunForHotGuys? Visit runforhotguys.com. I hope you’ll consider joining us.  Alright, time to hit the books and get through more of this exam.  Have a great night.


In just 14 minutes…

Run215 Philly


I am truly amazed and grateful tonight. The Philadelphia Run215 community continues to inspire me, and what happened tonight really surprised me.  Something appeared on my Facebook newsfeed tonight.  I don’t know the kid.  I just know the leader of the run club who shared this.  I had no expectations but figured our running community may appreciate it. Look at what happened by simply putting it out there…

This is a long shot, but thought I would try. Any size 14-15 men out there looking to retire a pair of running shoes? Appeared on my newsfeed tonight…

“I’m just not allowing myself to give up. This is the farthest I’ve ever ran, Miss” said the ONE kid who showed up to run club after school today even though they were allowed to leave at noon today due to a testing day. He is now walking home. This same kid was huffing and puffing during their first run out and back. He needed to stop several times during that first 1.5 mile. Today….that same kid ran the whole 2 miles. Anybody out there have a size 14-15 running shoe to spare for this kid? Currently running in basketball shoes. He is awesome and committed to getting in shape.

In just 14 minutes the following happened:

  • 1 generous woman offered to connect with the running leader to purchase him a new pair of shoes
  • 1 generous man offered to part with one of his pairs of size 15 running shoes
  • 1 generous woman suggested 11 people put in $10 each to come up with $110 which it typically costs to buy a new pair of solid running shoes or a Philly Runner gift card.
  • 4 generous people have offered to contribute a $10 donation towards the $110 to buy a pair of running shoes.

Seriously? I was just trying to see if anyone wanted to part with a pair of size 15 men’s running shoes. You are all truly incredible.  I love the energy and spirit of fellow runners in this community. When you think there may be a chance to help someone excel in keeping active, please put it out there. You never know who you may reach or what difference it may make.


Members of Run215, you have most certainly fulfilled your mission tonight.  I am grateful to be part of the Run215 community. Runners who inspire runners.  xo Keli


Can you see it?

Ironman Maryland training

So I received the most awesome message from one of my tri buddies today.  I wish I could share the entire correspondence, it pumps me up but it began with “Between you and me, do you really think I can be ready in time for Maryland?” I will respect the “between you and me” wishes. I hope he doesn’t kick me for even posting that line.  Good thing he lives nowhere near me though so he can’t actually kick me. So can he make it? My answer is YES. Everyone has just enough time to train and cross the IMMD finish line. Funny enough, I signed up for Ironman Maryland 2014 exactly 142 days to the race.  Guess how many days we have from today until IMMD 2015?  Yep, 142 days. Alright, so I’ll make this brief.  Quick break from work to blog about a topic I could write pages on… a topic I am passionate about… a topic that has made all the difference in achieving my goals. Visualization.

Can you see it?  The first step in reaching your DREAM is to VISUALIZE it.  Can you see it?  The daily practice of visualizing your dream…what it would look like or how it would feel to already complete it will accelerate your achievement of those dreams, goals and ambitions. Visualization of your goals and desires activates your subconscious which will make an impact on achieving the steps to reach those dreams.  Visualization programs your brain to perceive and recognize the resources you will need to achieve your dream.  Visualization works to activate the law of attraction drawing people, resources and circumstances that positively influence the steps you take moving towards those dreams. And Visualizing builds internal motivation which encourages you to take action to achieve your dreams. Visualization is actually simple and brings you positive energy.  It can even change your beliefs and opinions about the most important person in your life — YOU! Visualize daily.

See it every day.  The first step in reaching your DREAM is to VISUALIZE it.  Can you see it?

p.s. I may just ask Ironman Maryland permission to reenter the course after I finish to chase down and encourage friends to get to the finish line.  I can guarantee I would race more than 140.6 miles if they would let me. I can’t wait to see all of the first timers “Become One” in 142 days!


Lake Placid Yoga For Triathletes: Memorial Day Weekend

Yoga for Triathletes Lake Placid

Memorial Day Weekend Yoga for Triathletes in Lake Placid. All levels and first timers encouraged to join us.

Yoga for Triathletes will be held near the Ironman Village area in front of the school on the grass. We’ll fit in some basic stretches along with just a few minutes of calm and simple breath work.  Bring a mat or a towel along with a bottle of water.

I will be racing Ironman Lake Placid on the MMRF Team for Cures. Class is by donation to support the MMRF.  Feel free to just show up. RSVP not required. Contact me with any questions.  Looking forward to meeting and training with fellow athletes over Memorial Day Weekend!


When They Knock You Down


Do not allow people to knock you down!  

Unfortunately, way too many us learn that we are something that we are not from the past. Most of the time these assessments have everything to do with the insecurities and emotional wounds of the giver and nothing at all to do with the receiver.  When someone puts you down do not accept their assessment as truth. It is only their opinion and usually has everything to do with them and nothing at all to do with you. Sometimes their opinions are even based on lack of communication. You have a choice whether or not to allow their personal wounds affect you. It is their junk and it does not belong to you, unless you accept it.

Do not allow people to knock you down!  

Even when you put yourself out there with your best intentions to do something positive there are people out there who will knock you down. It’s going to happen. I understand that it is especially hurtful when you do something with great intentions, something close to your heart, only to be cut down or embarrassed by someone else. Sadly, there are people who will undermine someone’s success or positive intentions to make themselves feel better about themselves. Recognize this and chose to respond with kindness. Those who knock us down may need kindness the most. Everyone goes through battles at some time.  Their perception of you is often times a reflection of themselves. Be good to these people. Inspire them to be kind. It may not be easy, but treat all humans with compassion.

“Your perception of me is a reflection of you; my reaction to you is an awareness of me.” – Coach Bobbi

Do not allow anyone to knock you down!

A self-compassionate loving person does not go around putting others down. Quite the contrary, really. Someone who is full of genuine self-love wants to make a positive impact on the world around them.  People who are happy do not need to knock others down.  Someone with genuine compassion wants to boost others up and encourage them. Please think about this the next time someone tries to knock you down. This is an important lesson to teach every human being from the day they are born. Focus on the loads of people who appreciate you and your efforts in life. All humans deserve compassion. Be kind to all and keep on doing your thing. Keep on doing what you are passionate about and what you believe in.

Do not allow anyone to knock you down! And when they do, rise above it and lift someone else up. Have a great night!

“Strong people don’t put others down. They lift them up.” Michael P. Watson. 


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