Love Run Half Marathon & Yoga

Philadelphia Love Run

Yay!  Two days until The Love Run Philadelphia Half Marathon!  I’ve picked up my bib and I’m sitting here sipping Turmeric Ginger Tea before I teach Yin Yoga. What’s better than sipping a relaxing tea out of my Love Run mug just before teaching?  I love Yin Yoga, and it’s the perfect time to practice two days to race day.  Speaking of race day, I’ll be teaching Yoga for Athletes after the race from 3:30-4:45pm at Priya over on 18th/Callowhill a block from Whole Foods.  It’s a recovery based class so even if you’ve never done yoga before it’s the perfect compliment to running the half marathon.  Yoga has always helped me work out those aches and drastically improved my recovery time.  Looking forward to race day! Best wishes to all who are running.


Stuffing Envelopes. IMLP Team for Cures.

Ironman Lake Placid team for cures multiple myeloma

It’s Wednesday evening and I’m filling envelopes with IMLP and IMMD race day tattoos feeling grateful.  I received envelopes and some donations today from four of you.  I haven’t met any of you four in person but I am really excited to race with you all! I look forward to meeting and racing with all of the athletes who have supported Team for Cures MMRF.

I recognize so many athletes have a story about why they are racing.  Racing Ironman this year is about tying my hobbies to my passions and to make a positive change.  Training and racing for a cause that has impacted family makes this endeavor very important to me. I want to do what I can to raise awareness and help work towards finding a cure for Multiple Myeloma. Thank you to all of you who have donated to Team for Cures MMRF. Racing or donating to the cause isn’t the only way to contribute. Ironman provides over 3500 spots to volunteer and support IRONMAN events during race week. If you’re unable to donate to the cause may I ask you to consider resharing it on your Facebook or Twitter or what would it be like to recruit a group of friends and give back by volunteering? You’ll get a different perspective on a race and it’s a great way for those who race triathlon to give back to a sport that has given you so much. Volunteering IMLP 2014 was what got me interested in racing IMLP 2015 in the first place so you just never know where it may lead you.

Whatever form your giving back takes, whether it’s raising money for a cause or volunteering at your favorite race, chances are you’ll come out the other side with new friends, an invaluable sense of community, making a positive impact on a cause that is meaningful to you and a renewed sense of purpose as you swim, bike and run.


My Cousin.

Family quotes

Sad to say goodbye this morning. Some of our cousins grew up close to each other and are lucky to be able to see each other more often.  I consider myself close to my cousin, who is the exact same age, even though she’s not so close in distance.  Family is important to me.  Although I don’t get to see her very often, when we do get together I really enjoy the opportunity to spend with one another.  I appreciate the things we share in common and  enjoy learning about her every time we do see one another. I hadn’t seen here in 1 1/2 years and the past three days went by so quickly. I had so much fun and I’m grateful for our time together.  I know that if we lived closer we’d spend more time with one another and be very close friends.  I’m sitting in a coffee shop working and she’s on her plane home right now.  I am sad that when I come home tonight she won’t be there yet happy that in just five months I will see her again along with many of the other family members for a very special occasion.

You are my cousin and you are my friend.  True friends are never apart. Maybe in distance but not in heart. Miss and love you, Cous’



World Doula Week

world doula week

Happy World Doula Week to all of the incredible birth doula professionals who continue to play a positive roll in birthing.  Childbirth is a transformative experience that a woman and her family will carry with them forever.

For those of you who still wonder what it is I do as a doula, it’s tricky to sum it up in just a paragraph. The roll we play and what we do may vary from one client to the next.  Doula…DOO-LUH. The doula is part of the birthing team. We are hired by the birthing couple to support the laboring woman and her partner. My roll as a doula is focused on what the mother and couple needs so that the mother’s physical and emotional needs will be met throughout her labor and birth. I work with couples before labor and delivery, explain what may happen throughout their birthing time, provide information and options so that they are able to make informed decisions, assist in developing a birth plan, teach active labor postures and techniques, therapeutic relief, provide continuous support during labor and birth and the initial postpartum period and so forth. During the birthing time, a doula provides continuous, knowledgeable physical and emotional support and answers questions so that the laboring woman and partner understand what’s happening and what options they may have. I support couples in whatever birthing environment is right for them including hospitals, birth centers and home births.

Women who have continuous one-on-one physical and emotional support during labor generally reduces the use pain medication and epidurals, may help shorten labor by many hours, lower the chances of cesarean surgery or a forceps or vacuum-assisted delivery. A doula may also improve breastfeeding, bonding, and greater satisfaction with the birth experience overall ~ all of which contribute to a lesser incidence of postpartum depression. The doula provides emotional support and reassures the mother both prenatally and during labor. If you are interested in learning more of the specifics about we do or thinking about becoming a doula (we need more doulas in the world!) please feel free to contact me.

I believe that everyone is entitled to and deserves to have complete, caring, and continuous support in regards to the type and the setting of birth they choose.  I look forward to getting certified as a childbirth education instructor next month and beginning to teach classes this summer.  A big thank you to all of the amazing birth professionals out there who work so passionately to make an impact in birthing.

I support your decisions on how you choose to birth. #YOGAPEACHNOTES


doulas in Philadelphia



Soup and Friendship.

vegan soup recipes

Cook with a friend.

Eat with a friend.

Laugh with a friend.

I sit here sipping Turmeric Ginger Tea with hints of licorice root, lemongrass and orange peels enjoying the company of my friend before I hit the books and study some more. There is something extra special about a friend who is passionate about wellness. The friend who enjoys spending Saturday evening roaming Whole Foods for organic sweet potatoes, organic kale, and organic brocolli.  The friend who has just as much fun creating new healthy recipes as I do. The friend who I can cook with, eat with, and laugh with all together.  It’s the social aspect of sharing late night tea and memorable conversations together and the uplifting spirit we bring one another.  I always leave her feeling just a little calmer and always with a smile.  This friendship is about relating to one another and connection.

Ahhh…but you came here for the soup, right? Here’s what Ashley of Bodhi Life and I came up with. It’s so simple, flavorful and delicious!!! We’re making it again this week. It’s now time to study. What a peaceful Saturday evening.  Soup and friendship.

Sweet Potato Kale Soup  

  • 2 large organic sweet potato
  • 3 cups organic brocolli
  • 1 large bunch organic kale
  • 2 scallions
  • 4 cups water
  • 1/2 fresh lemon squeezed
  • 1 TBSP cumin
  • 1 tsp ground turmeric
  • 1 tsp ground ginger
  • dash cayenne
  • dash cinnamon
  • optional: topped with fresh cilantro and avocado

Bring the water to a boil, cook the potatoes half way and then add brocolli and scallion. Once the potato and brocolli are almost ready, add kale, spices and lemon. Total cook time is about 20 minutes.  Top with optional cilantro, avocado and more lemon juice.Best served with a side of friendship.


Birth and Spring.


New life entered the world last night on the first day of Spring.  Baby girl arrived shortly before midnight. 5 pounds, 11 ounces. Beautiful. It occurred to me as I drove home at 2:30am that birth is the beginning and Spring is the season of rebirth…transformation…a sense of coming alive.  What a beautiful day to arrive the world.

Mother Nature is slowly leading us towards Spring. As the warm sun begins to soon shine, the snow will be replaced by gentle rains, hints of green grass, fresh buds on the trees, and the smell of fresh spring air.  The season of Spring inspires beauty and vibrant life in all of our senses. It is filled with tejas the sanskrit word for luster, light, illumination. Our yoga practice, too, is always a slow process of transformation, rebirth and coming alive. Some days we may feel as though we are sprouting and springing forward and on other days we feel as though Spring will never come. Allow the new season and environment around you to inspiration you. The season of new beginnings is upon us. With spring just around the corner, we shift from the hibernation of the winter months to an awakening of rebirth. Spring invites us to open back up, celebrate in warmer days and cultivate a spirit of aliveness. Embrace this upcoming season. What a beautiful day to see new life enter the world.  Today is the day to welcome the NEW. #YOGAPEACHNOTES



International Happiness Day.

International Happiness Day

Happy first day of Spring….although feels like winter to me! Where is Spring? Did you know that today is also International Happiness Day?  Yea, neither did I but since it’s freezing outside and snowing again on the first day of Spring let’s celebrate International Happiness Day instead.  Any reason is a good reason to spread more happiness! Happiness feels good to everyone, right? Lunch kept me warm and now it’s time to get back to work and celebrate happiness with a cup of coffee, splash of cream and piece of Gluten-free Banana Coconut Coffee Cake.

Fill up your cup with a warm coffee or tea, count your blessings, There’s always more room for happiness. Choose to be happy today and spread that shit everywhere.  Happy Happiness Day!  #YOGAPEACHNOTES


Put Yourself Out There.

putting yourself out there

Hitting ‘Publish’ on my very first blog post back in 2011 was exciting yet scary.  I put myself out there. Blogging and Facebooking, instagraming…  it feel more like a creative project than an exercise in self-disclosure, even though of course they are both. For the most part, the personal parts of my life do not get shared on my blog.  I blog to share and teach my passions and track my progress. Some days I write with hopes that just one person will find my blog and be inspired to try something new that they’ve been wanting to pursue. I share blogging as only one example of putting yourself out there because so many incredible things have happened for me on this blog. There’s so many ways to put yourself out there and so many great things often result from taking the leap. Why do so many people hold back? Putting your ideas out there with the potential to be judged can be scary. When your thoughts, ideas and opinions are exposed, your stuff gets real. It’s this feeling of exposure and vulnerability that holds people back from putting themselves out there, and it’s a real shame.  The fear is natural and understandable, but letting this go can open you up to incredible things.

You are allowed to have opinions.  Find your authentic voice. Express yourself. Put yourself out there. This is perhaps a good spot to finish up. I’m headed to work from one of my favorite Philadelphia organic cafes. I often meet interesting people in the wellness field when I’m at Down Dog Healing Cafe and they have the best Kitchari. Who knows…maybe someone will strike up conversation with me today and we’ll both put ourselves out there.

Are you putting yourself out there? Put yourself out there. Anything can happen. Anything. Anytime. To anyone. Put yourself out there. Now, now, now…




forgiveness blog

Everyone messes up. You, me, everyone. People treat people unkindly, and hopefully it’s unintentional.  It is important to acknowledge mistakes and learn from them so they don’t repeat. Paulo Coelho said  “How people treat other people is a direct reflection of how they feel about themselves.” For the most part I believe this to be true and this insight can save us a loads of pain. When someone is impatient, when someone is mean, when we cannot seem to please that person no matter how kind are actions are…We don’t have to take it personally and feel rejected.

Maybe you’ve been treated “unfairly” by a friend, family member, coworker, or significant other. Feels awful, right? Sure, many times it is your fault. However, often times it’s not. Treating people shitty and hurting people is a flaw of the human character but I believe that more often than not it is not intentionally.  The way someone acts or treats you isn’t a reflection of you. It is usually a projection of themselves. People do this to protect themselves. From their past, their fears, and from the uncertainty of the future.  That’s on them, not you.  But we should not treat people poorly when they treat us poorly. When people behave awful it doesn’t mean they are an awful person.  Again, the way they act towards others is about themselves.  So we can feel compassion and be kind – and let it go.  What do you think?

I won’t go into the spiritual part that’s taken years to develop between me and yoga (happy to discuss if you want to ask me in person), but yoga has helped me create the space, freedom and compassion to forgive people and forgive myself. I am not saying it’s easy or instant. It is a process.  The old saying goes- treat others as you’d like them to treat you, even if you don’t think they deserve it. We never really know what any person is going through (or how they feel what they are going through) but when you treat others kindly, you’ll feel happier with yourself. I’m not saying go out of your way to do nice things for them, but be kind in the moment. Maybe that kindness is simply in the form of forgiveness.  Forgive others to set yourself free and don’t be so hard on yourself either. Forgive yourself too.



Where is Spring?

ironman lake placid training course

It’s been so darn cold and it’s mid-March!  You know I’m not one to complain about weather but sheesh, how silly and sad do I look wearing an Eskimo hat under my Helmut as I biked to teach yoga this evening?  Where is spring? I’m still curling up with hot tea in the evenings and it feels like ice tea season should be here already.

While patiently waiting for Spring’s arrival, (ok, maybe not always so patiently) I am excited about lots of new things in the works.  Besides riding my bike with a huge smile, I have faith that when Spring arrives more abundant creativity and productivity will show up. I hope to explore and expand a bit more on this soon, but first I need another cup of hot tea. Stay warm everyone.  Spring will be here before we know it.  (I hope, I hope, I hope!)

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