Ironman Maryland


Live Athlete Tracker #380

Ironman Maryland has arrived. My bike is racked and my blue bike and red run bags are checked in. The past two days have flown by quickly and in less than 8 hours I’ll be taking off for my second Ironman.  This month marks one year since I completed my first triathlon and joined a community of remarkable people. One year ago the thought of an Ironman hadn’t entered my mind and yet 6 months ago I crossed the finish line of my first Ironman in Los Cabos. 16 days later I signed up for Ironman Maryland and 142 days later here I am.  So after over an hour of blogging I lost internet connection and only half my blog post was recovered.  That means I am headed to bed an hour later than I hoped to but it’s okay. Will do my best to sum up the past two days and what’s on my mind this evening. If you’d like to track the race follow the Live Athlete Tracker #380. And yes…I was aged up! Why do they do that?

Thursday. I drove just 2.5 hours, I arrived at 12:30pm, and met up with my friend John for athlete check-in and the 1:00pm athlete briefing.  I ran into Jeff almost immediately and an Ironman Los Cabos friend. Throughout the entire afternoon it was so much fun to run into lots of people who’ve connected through the Ironman Maryland Facebook page.  We had just enough time to make it to the store to pickup food, make lunch and head back to Ironman Village for Yoga for Ironman Maryland Triathletes. Yoga+ Ironman? We stretched, laughed, let go, set intentions for our race.  It was more than just the physical side of yoga. It was also about community. Yoga was something pretty special to me.  Thank you to everyone who came out for yoga. At least 50 of us met up for dinner at Portside Seafoos. It was a lot of fun to meeting many of the people who supported one another and became friends throughout training. After dinner we headed over to the evening athlete ceremony and the videos they showed took me back to moments of my first Ironman. Totally inspiring.

Ironman Maryland

yoga for triathletes

Friday.  9:30am swim practice met up with my IMLC bud Mark and all went well.  I was thrilled the water was calm and felt great. Visibility was pretty much non-existent but that’s okay. I could pretty much see as far as my hands in front of me.  After my swim I packed my morning, run gear, bike gear, run special needs and bike special needs bags and rode with John and Bill down to rack our bikes at transition. Spent an hour or so with Kiley and Ivan before heading back to my cute little apartment that’s located in the backyard of a super nice family’s home.  Minutes later Hugh got in touch with me and within 10 minutes he was on my doorstep finally meeting for the first time in person. We took off and met up with friends for dinner at Leaky Petes. BEST crabcakes  and pasta ever. Crabcakes were amazing…no fillers and no breading. The timing throughout the day was perfect and I had plenty of time to get things done and see plenty of great people.

ironman maryland
Ironman Maryland

Ironman Maryland


ironman maryland

Race Day Tomorrow. So it’s almost here. My alarm is set for 4:20am. I’ll eat a cinnamon raisin bagel with natural peanut butter, a banana, and drink Spark and coffee. 6:00 am 1 hour before the race I’ll eat an Espresso Cliff shot. You can track the race on the Live Athlete Tracker #380 

I’m not sure what to say now and what do I save for my race report. I’m calm right now and taking these moments to remember how fortunate I am to be breathing. To be alive. I’m grateful for the new friendships I’ve made through triathlon and IMMD and to have the physical and mental strength to do this.  So, so, so thankful.  Tomorrow I will remember to take a look around to appreciate the opportunity in front of me.  I remind myself this evening that almost anything is within your reach.

In no way do I expect tomorrow to be an easy day. Just because you’ve done one Ironman doesn’t mean you will just go out there and do another. It doesn’t work like that. Not even if this is your fourth Ironman. No one ever knows forsure if they will really cross that finish line because a number of things have to go right and a number of things have to not happen. You have to make a choice to commit to training. It takes dedication, determination, passion and you have to want it. You have to believe in yourself. I honestly feel that tomorrow will be quite a bit more difficult than my first Ironman. Partly because the newness factor is not present but also due to other things I’ll wait to share in my race report. There are obstacles I may have to overcome during this race.  Obstacles are inevitable. Life isn’t always rainbows and sunshine and it’s probably for good reason. Falling down is normal. But staying down is a choice. Overcoming tough times takes conscious effort and action. It takes work. I know tomorrow is a time where I can find my own strength even when some things around me seem challenging. If you’re going to do something, do it with enthusiasm and devotion. Hold nothing back. It is far better to be exhausted from lots of effort and learning, than to be tired of doing absolutely nothing. Success is yours when you embody discipline, integrity, positive attitude, and so much more. It is a mindset within you.  I’ve learned that you can keep going long after you think you can’t. Tomorrow will remind me of this and I will celebrate both my strengths and weaknesses. I want to be out there on the course trying my best, challenging myself, and learning new things. I feel confident I will give Ironman Maryland all I have and no matter what happens tomorrow I am grateful to have this opportunity. Thank you to friends, family and all who’ve supported the journey to Ironman Maryland. See you at 140.6.

xoxo Keli #380


Ironman Maryland Departure

Ironman Maryland

ironman los cabos

All my bags are packed and I’m ready to take off for Ironman Maryland in the next half hour. The support I’ve received leading up to Ironman Maryland has been incredible.  It is the most important thing I must address before I leave for this journey as it has made all of the difference in my experience. I will wait until I reach Maryland to blog Ironman but it just didn’t feel right to leave without saying thank you. It really means so much to me.  

The airplane was sent to me by a friend who is racing IMMD. The day I received my bib #380 he pointed out that the A380 is the world’s largest aircraft. It seemed fitting because I love to travel. Thank you for making this for me. The picture above was after my first Ironman in Los Cabos.  The day after Ironman I knew I wanted to do another. I had no idea it would happen just 6 months later. I look forward to the days ahead and hope to have a similar picture holding up two fingers on Saturday. See you in Cambridge, Maryland. 

Thank you so much. I wouldn’t be headed where I am without many of you.

Love, Keli #380


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Yoga for Ironman Maryland Triathletes

Yoga Ironman Maryland

Yoga for Ironman Maryland Triathletes will be held at Long Wharf on Thursday, September 18 4:00-4:50pm. We’ll fit in some basic stretches along with a few minutes of calm and simple breath work at the end. And of course, we’ll ease the mind and have some fun. Bring a mat or a towel along with a bottle of water.

Feel free to just show up. RSVP not required. Thank you to those who made this opportunity possible. Looking forward to meeting people over the next few days!


Yoga Texts

yoga for triathletes

yoga for triathletes

Things like this make me smile. In the past week I’ve received two yoga texts from triathlete friends.  Always happy to hear from someone open to trying yoga.

When I was first introduced to yoga, I was a little skeptical.  Much like these two guys yoga peaked my interest due to the physical benefits.  Since then I’ve learned yoga has much more to offer and it’s so applicable to a wide range of goals and our daily life.

Thanks for the smiles.  Namaste.

yoga for triathletes


9 days to Ironman Maryland

Ironman Maryland

It occurred to me this evening that one week from today I leave for Ironman Maryland. It also occurred to me that I am actually starting to enjoy running. Eaaaaakkkkk, did I really just say that?  That’s pretty huge. If you you’ve followed any of my blog then you definitely know that I haven’t exactly loved running but I’ve chosen to embrace it in order to accomplish my triathlon goals. In February, just 7 months ago, I said all of this about running but tonight I look forward to waking up before sunrise for my favorite run with run club.  I remember how running made me feel uncomfortable at first. I knew that the discomfort was only temporary and pushing through would make me grow… far more than just physically.

This Monday, September 8, marked one year crossing the finish line of my first triathlon.  I never imagined one year ago that I’d ever look forward to a running (especially early in the morning) and I never thought I’d participate in an Ironman. It’s pretty amazing what can happen over the period of just one year. Once you are able to imagine and believe in something you just have to make the commitment to find that most things are possible.   I am so happy that I’ve pursued these opportunities.  Looking forward to waking up tomorrow morning for run club.  9 days until IMMD. Good night.


Yoga for Runners: Road Runners Club of Woodbury

yoga for runners philadelphia

Wow. Huge thank you to the Road Runners Club of Woodbury for inviting me to guide them through Yoga for Runners. I arrived without expectations and immediately was thrilled with the turn out and to see everyone so excited about yoga! Over half the class was new to yoga and I’m honestly not sure I’ve ever met runners so eager to learn new stretches and attend a yoga class. This makes me so happy! Before their weekly Thursday run so many kind people introduced themselves, asked questions and let me know what they were hoping to get out of yoga. It was so much fun to meet active people who wanted to be there to learn the benefits of yoga and to fit yoga (or at least new stretches) into their training schedule.

Thank you, RRCW, for inviting me to join you on your evening run and thank you for allowing me the opportunity to teach yoga. When life gets busy please remember what my goal and intensions were with you this evening. Pick your favorite three poses from tonight’s class and keep up with them. If you can stay consistent with more than three poses that’s awesome! Keep in touch and let me know if you notice a difference in your mind and body. I was surprised and grateful to reach home and receive your feedback. It means a lot to me. Please feel free to reach out with questions any time. I am always happy to talk about yoga. Yoga is my passion and for me…yoga has made all the difference in my world and I hope it makes a difference in yours, too. Namaste. Keli

Had such a fun time tonight. Thank you Keli for taking the time to teach us some great yoga moves I hope to start using them to help me stretch out my tight muscles a bit. Diana

Thanks for coming Keli!!! It was a great session and I definitely needed a good stretch!! I’m hoping to definitely mix it into the workout routine!! I liked all the moves but realized wow… Even my toes need stretching!! Kimberly

Thanks Keli & Road Runners for the usual fun run & yoga tonight! I enjoyed the yoga session & picked up a few favorite moves for my post-run stretches! Kristine

Keli, I felt awesome after your session! Thank you so much! I look forward to using many of those poses post-run. Namaste. Becky

I feel soooooo good this morning, the pain in my groin is almost gone. Thanks for your help showing us all those moves (stretches).  Mario

Keli!  I’ve tried yoga a few times and I have to say without a doubt that your class was the best for me by-far!  I think it is because you are a runner and you geared the class to runners.  Everyone in the class thoroughly enjoyed it!  I’d like to include a link to your website in our weekly newsletter in the Links section.  Please let me know if you approve of that, and I will add it. Thanks for an enjoyable evening! Vic

My name is Sara, I’m one of the Woodbury runners who came to your class for the run club last night. First of all I wanted to say thanks for your wonderful class! Nothing feels as good after a hard run as a good stretch. I would have left you feedback on facebook but I don’t have a facebook account (I know I’m one of “those” weirdos). I actually write a running blog over at Runninginpink.com/blog and was wondering if you would work with me to do an interview type of post about the benefits of yoga for runners.  I have slown begun to incorporate more yoga into my life and I feel stronger and my running feels better as a result.  My husband who is also part of the Woodbury runners club could not make it out last night and when I told him about the class he said, “I don’t think yoga is for me”.  I feel like there is a huge misconception (as you mentioned last night) that yoga is boring and “easy” and if more people gave it a chance they might find they like it (or at least 3 stretches right? – I really like that way of thinking). Anyways, please email me back and let me know if you’d be interested it working with me on a post for my blog. Thanks again! - Sara
ps good luck on your upcoming Ironman!

Yoga for triathletes

yoga for triathletes philadelphia
So one of the guys racing Ironman Maryland 2015 sent this to me. Thanks for reaching out and letting me share this, Chris. So awesome.  

“Yoga for me . . . good for ego diminution . . . a potato amongst flowers  . . .

Oh god…for me, yoga is hard…challenging…definitely taking me outside my comfort zone…but in a good way…today’s lesson – never drink coffee before a morning yoga class…wait ’til after…

Be my guest…share away…as to the difficulty, I did IM Louisville a week ago . . . nailed it…PR’d…broke 12 hours…no cramping…yada yada…and I was still DYING in a hot yoga class this morning…like I said, a potato amongst flowers… Here’s me in child’s pose, with my husky, Gaia, along for the ride…”


Hello, September.

things i love about autumn

Today is one of my favorite days of the year.  September 1 begins National Yoga Month and reminds me that Fall is right around the corner.  I look forward to new seasons because they are a time of transition.  This summer brought a lot happiness and excitement both personally and professionally.  I am extremely thankful for the couples who allowed me the opportunity to work with them as their birth doula in July and August. I learn something new through each birth and this summer I worked with incredible moms who inspired me and helped me grow tremendously.

How is August over already? It’s been an awesome summer but somehow I feel like fall is going to be even better.  In just 19 days I’ll be doing my last big thing before it’s officially fall. We live in such a busy world that I really find embracing the simplicity and small delights of fall soothing. September is National Yoga Month  and as Fall unfolds, the yoga world becomes even more of a time of community…gathering and inspiring each other to connect, practice and live beautiful lives. I reflect on summer this morning as I look ahead with curiosity to the coming months. As we gather together in community our yoga practice guides us to move with intention into great changes with awareness, active participation, commitment and compassion. Yoga provides a special space – one in which we not only have fun, but learn from each other, grow, and through our practice we better understand ourselves and the impact we have on those around us. Yoga inspires us to set intentions and to make the most of our lives. This is the perfect month to establish a yoga practice if you do not already practice.

There is something special about September and the thought that soon it will be cooler makes me smile.  There’s so many great things ahead that I will have to blog again once autumn is officially here. What’s your favorite season?


myfitnesspal stories

I thought this was funny after logging yesterday’s training and food. Do you use myfitnesspal? It looks like if I quit my work to workout out 7.5 hours a day and doubled my normal calorie intake I’d be approximately 98 lbs in just 5 weeks! For those who don’t know me in person I’m 5’6″ and nowhere near 98 lbs.  That made me laugh because right now I’m actually at my highest weight ever (sigh) so while I’ll pass on being 98 lbs I will gladly drop 10 lbs.

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