Fourth of July Recipes: My Favorite Finds. Vote on your favs

I love red, white and blue festive recipes!  It’s time to start thinking about what you’re serving or bringing to the holiday parties this weekend.  I’ve been going through recipes for days trying to find things that are yummy and healthy but since it is a holiday I’ve budged just a little on a few. Here are my favorite 4th of July Red White n’ Blue finds! I have to add the adorable Watermelon Shark I posted earlier to the list too, it’s such a cute way to serve watermelon or mixed fruits.  I hope to try some of these this weekend!  (and by the way, I’ve tried to post and repost this over and over and for some reason it’s the only post where it continues to appear with strange alignment yet not in my draft!)

I’ve never tried any of these recipes so which ones do you think I should make? Let me know if you have recipe suggestions to share!

Awe, these pancakes are adorable and so special for 4th of July morning!  Easy to make these healthier (and I think tasty) using wheat flour.  Recipe and photo from I am Mommy

Yum, yum.  Fresh strawberry, blueberry, marshmallow kabobs!  Beautiful way to serve fruit at a 4th of July BBQ and great way to make fruit fun for the kids.  Recipe and photo from Make and Take


red, white and blue light potato salad.  This recipe looks outstanding and keeps it light without a mayo dressing.  I’ll have to try this even if it’s with just regular potatoes. Recipe and photo on Recipe Girl

Yum!!  These Americana Oatmeal Cookies look chewy and crunchy! Pomegranate, Blueberry, and White Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies sound amazing.  Recipe and photo on Created by Diane


Bomp Pops?  These healthier homemade ones look even better!   They look creamy and not overly sweet with cran-raspberry juice and blueberries surprise. I have got to try these!  Recipe and photo on Honest Fare

Pretty sure everyone loves Candied Apples, they’ll at least be a hit with the kids!  I still like them, cut into slices off the stick.  They’re so beautiful serve on a plate of blueberries.  Recipe on Better Homes and Gardens

Frosty Fireworks (Flavored Ice)  This is too cool!  I never thought about flavored colored ice.  As the cubes melt, colored bubbles will swirl through the water if you seve them in seltzer! It’s so simple, pretty, and adds a hint of refreshing flavor to water.  Awesome 4th of July touch.  Recipe and photo on Disney Family Fun

I want a sip of this Watermelon Sherbet Smoothie right now!   It looks so beautiful and refreshing.  Sounds delicious with the hint of lime too.  It stood out when searching recipes because I thought it was garnished with blueberries when in fact those are mini chocolate chips.  I think blueberries actually sounds tastier, refreshing and makes this a total festive 4th of July hit!  Recipe and photo from Taste of Home

Gorgeous festive Sangria!  Personally I’d suggest leaving out the schnaps, making it more like authentic sangria, tastier and healthy.  The starfruit and strawberries are so pretty.  How refreshing.  Recipe and photo at The Hazel Bloom.


Red, White and Blueberry Cheesecake Bars that believe it or not happens to be a LOWER FAT CHEESECAKE RECIPE!  Raspberries and blueberries in reduced fat cheesecake, brilliant!   I love the idea of cheesecake squares rather than cake slices.  You have to at least check out the recipe page where they show pictures of every step of the baking process.  Red, white, and BEAUTIFUL.  Recipe on Recipe Girl

This one came from a reader!  LOVE IT! Thank you Chef Amy! Yum, watermelon with lime and mint and blueberries thrown into it.   Paradise.  Recipe from the Food Network This would work perfectly in the Watermelon Shark I featured earlier.

Send me your favorite finds if you wish to be featured or pictures after your holiday celebration of what you prepared!

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