Prenatal Yoga: Interview with a Yoga Peach Reader

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I’m so excited that a Yoga Peach reader has offered to share her prenatal yoga experiences with us!  I imagine exercise must be a challenge for many pregnant women so it’s great to learn that there’s so many benefits from prenatal yoga.  Somer, thank you so much for the interview opportunity!  It was really fun to hear your answers and I’m amazed at how much you taught me.  I know that other readers will really appreciate what you’ve shared.  Thanks again and happy pregnancy!  XOXO

Somer is currently 15 weeks pregnant and practices prenatal yoga in Calgary, Alberta.  She is also mommy to an adorable 8 month old baby boy named Paz.

I know many women take prenatal yoga during pregnancy as their primary form of exercise.  Can women who’ve never done yoga start when their pregnant or is prior yoga experience necessary?

Most definitely. When I took prenatal yoga while I was pregnant with Paz there were women who had never stepped foot in a yoga studio before and they loved it!

A lot of my pregnant friends say one of their biggest issues is back pain.  I’m wondering how much yoga will help with back pressure and pain relief?

Downward dog is god send! As well as childs pose. I also find the stability ball to be a huge benefit while practicing simple poses.

I understand pregnant women should only attend prenatal yoga classes.  Hows does prental yoga differ from regular yoga?

Prenatal classes do not practice any twisting or laying flat on your belly poses. Prenatal tends to feel more like a restorative class.

Does a prental yoga instructor do anything different than a typical yoga instructor in class?

Prenatal yoga instructors need to know the limitations of pregnant women. As your pregnancy develops it’s not quite as easy to move into poses that early on were quite simple. Knowing ailments that pregnant women tend to experience, carpal tunnel, can be beneficial as well.

I heard someone once say that prenatal yoga actually helped her ease the pain during labor!   I’ve even heard Prenatal Yoga is very good for natural child birth.  Why do you think this could be true?

I found that my yoga practice helped strengthen my body and my mind for child birth. I was in hard labor for 12 hours without drugs and I like to think that was because of my strong practice. Yoga shows you what your body is capable of.

How far into pregnancy can women usually practice prenatal yoga?

I practiced up until the week that I delivered. I slowed down a bit because of the carpal tunnel but I did the poses that I could.

Do you have any additional thoughts to share with us on prenatal yoga?  How has prenatal yoga benefited you the most?

I liked learning that body could be such a strong powerful tool. I love love love being pregnant, that’s why I did it again so fast! I like to attribute that to yoga. Our bodies are beautiful and the fact that we can carry life is just an added benefit. OH…no inversions while pregnant too. That is another difference in prenatal classes.

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