FREE GIVEAWAY Tapas Performance Mat by Hugger Mugger!

**CONTEST UPDATE: CONGRATULATIONS TO THE RANDOMLY SELECTED WINNER JEN. I love how she’ll be recycling her old yoga mat!   I’ll be posting everyone’s suggestions for how to recycle your old mat soon.  Here’s what Jen will be doing:

“i’ve heard that some animals shelters will take mats as extra cushioning for their puppy crates, so i’d definitely call my local one to see if they would like it (plus i already have some sheets that i’ve been meaning to send their way!)”

Please check Yoga Peach on Facebook for contest winner instructions.  Thank you to everyone who entered and stay tuned for another wonderful giveaway soon!**

This is an incredible free giveaway this week offered to Yoga Peach readers!   One lucky winner will win a top of the line Tapas Performance Mat by Hugger Mugger Yoga Products! Winner will select a Tapas Performance Mat in black, slate or concord.  Entering is easy and fun.  We want to hear how you’ll recycle your old yoga mat!  Winner is not based your answer and will be selected randomly.  We’d love to hear some creative ideas though!  Entry details below.

I love my new mat!  I am so excited, I finally have a durable and dependable yoga mat!  I can’t believe what a difference it made in my practice this week using my new concord Tapas Performance Mat by Hugger Mugger! I LOVE it.

My mat is super sturdy, firm and keeps me from sliding around. It’s perfect for me since I need a really durable mat for power yoga.  I have no idea how I dealt with the old mat I used to use.  The mat is ideal for yoga, pilates or abdominal and floor exercises.   Typical mats shred easily and wear out so quick.  This mat is supposed to last me for years and you can tell the difference in quality between this mat and typical mats just by feeling it.  The difference in my yoga practice was also very noticeable.  I heard wonderful reviews from a few people in my yoga training who also have it so I’m totally excited to have such a wonderful and good quality new mat.  It is specially created with an antimicrobial Zenz-in agent that prevents the growth of mold, mildew, and odors throughout the life of the mat.   I’m especially excited about this since my old mat even after washing held in a stinky smell.  It’s 1/4 inch thick providing plenty of cushion too.  For anyone serious about yoga or floor mat exercises a durable mat is essential and I am thrilled to have found Tapas Performance Mat.

Check out their yoga mats and variety of yoga products on Hugger Mugger.

72 inches long and 26 inches wide mat.   They also offer an even larger one.

1/4 inch thick mat

1)     Leave a comment below telling us how you’ll recycle your old yoga mat -easy!

2)   “Like” Hugger Mugger on Facebook

3)   “Like” Yoga Peach on Facebook and you must leave a comment on the wall

Additional entries accepted. One additional entry for each of the following:

  • Tweet about this giveaway and include @ yogapeachblog- get the word out!
  • Follow Yoga Peach on GFC (located at bottom of website)
  • Add me to your blogroll – I love making new friends!  Please email me at yogapeachblog @ gmail (dot) com if you’ve added me to your blogroll.

* Contest will be open until 12:00pm noon EST on Wednesday August 10th. Contest winner must have a US mailing address.
* The winner will be randomly selected and announced by Thursday August 11.  Winner will now be announced on FACEBOOK! Please check there to see if you won. The winner will need to contact Yoga Peach within 5 days to provide name and shipping address. Winner will select color of  Tapas Performance Mat This is such an awesome giveway, good luck to everyone!

all photos taken via Yoga Peach

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  • Jennifer Chorazy

    I actually just started taking yoga at my gym and don’t have a mat to recycle! Winning would be nice so I don’t have to use the sticky community mats :)

    • yogapeach

      yay! Congratulations on your new journey into yoga! I first started yoga in gym yoga classes too and when I became hooked a friend talked me into power yoga. I remember thinking that it sounded crazy. Thanks to a power yoga special I tried it and believe it or not I am now half way through teacher training! Make sure to sign our facebook. Thanks for entering the contest, good luck.

  • Nichole

    Since I do not have a yoga mat yet I don’t even need to recycle :) I do promise to take good care of my new one!

  • ~Kat~

    I didn’t even have to think twice how I would recycle my old mat! I would let my kids use it! Both my 6-year-old son and my 4-year-old daughter love to do poses beside me but they slide on the carpet. :)
    I wrote on your FB wall and ‘liked’ Hugger Mugger!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    • yogapeach

      oh my goodness, how ADORABLE! I can picture it now. That is such a good response to recycling your mat.

  • Allison

    I will “recycle” my old mat by bringing it to my classroom! Modeling breathing, self-regulation, stretching, and peace will be so helpful for my students! Maybe they’ll want to give a pose or two a try! :)

  • Dannette

    Since I am still madly in love with my first mat – the mat that supported me as I fell in love with yoga, but is too thin for my needs – I would donate it to one of the women in my support group who is looking to begin yoga to help her manage chronic pain as I have. Share the love!

    • yogapeach

      awe, this touches my heart. What a generous and wonderful act. I loved wonderful acts of kindness through yoga. Namaste and thank you for entering.

  • Denise Hatz

    Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway! I just FB Liked your page and commented as well but wanted to mention that I’d recycle by not getting rid of but by REUSING my old mat – I just became YTT certified and I host classes on my apartment rooftop and I’d lend my old mat to one of my students. Thanks again!!!

    • yogapeach

      this is incredible!! I am so excited for you, congratulations. I am starting to teach yoga at my condo complex as well and it is wonderful we have this in common. I wish you the very best. What type of yoga are you teaching? I love connecting with like minded people. Namaste.

  • Denise Hatz

    So exciting! Congratulations to you as well! I was trained at Kripalu (it was one of the most amazing experiences in my life), but my classes are in the Vinyasa style (I am a vinyasa die-hard :) How was your training – I’m sure rock solid!!! Will definitely keep in touch with you – I love all of my yogi friends, and it’s always great to meet other like-minded souls :) Congrats on the blog, and be well! Jai!

  • Rebecca Park

    I use my old mats as no skI’d pads under mats. It adds extra cush to thin rugs. Following both yogapeachblog and Hugger Mugger on twitter and liked both on Facebook. Great contest!

  • Lorraine Hudson

    Would love a new (2nd mat) for convenience in teaching at multiple locations!

  • Lorraine Hudson

    And I forgot to mention I have LIKED YogaPeach & HuggerMugger on FB as well as I am FOLLOWING now on Twitter!

  • Julie

    I plan on giving it to my step-son. Yoga is one of the ways he and I connect and have a blast together. He’s five, and enjoys being silly on the mat with me. Now that I”m starting a teach training and aim to work with children, I have an inkling that yoga will turn into a daily routine for that little man! It’s incredible what it does for those energetic bodies!

    • yogapeach

      awesome, I love children’s yoga, it is so powerful for their mind and body. They won’t have as much stress stored in their hips when they get older too! Did you start teacher training? I am about to complete mine soon!

    • Julie

      Also, I joined GFC :)

  • Julie

    I’m doing an Alignment Yoga Training in my hometown. I’ve been dying to do a training, and by grace this one has come to my town, and is literally 2 minutes away by bike. Not only that, but I’m a massage therapist, and Alignment yoga is all about properly aligning the body through an understanding of both physical and energetic anatomy, something that resonates strongly with my beliefs as a bodyworker. Woot!

  • Karen C

    What a great idea for a give away! If I win, I will use my old mat to make flip-flops! I found an article on wiki how with step by step instructions:

    http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Flip-Flops-from-a-Yoga-Mat (if anyone is interested)

    That way, I would not only have a great new yoga mat but I would get to enjoy crafting something new as well. As a bonus, I have heard that the scraps left over make great jar openers :)

    • Karen C

      Also, I am now officially following you on both facebook and twitter :)

    • yogapeach

      this is so neat!! I am loving everyone’s ideas. I just saw a pair of yoga mat flip flops online last week. To make your own, how cool!! i’d love to feature you if you do this.

  • Nadine

    I would give my old mat to Mom to bring to her exercise class. If she doesn’t want it, I hope to donate it to a local animal shelter/rescue to line the cages.

    • yogapeach

      I LOVE donating to mom and LOVEEEEE donating to line cages for softer cushion. Aweee. Thanks for entering! Make sure to sign our facebook wall.

  • Kristie W.

    Hi, thanks for the chance to win this really great yoga mat. I actually do not have one yet, I have been using a towel (partly because I did not know where to start to find a good one). Your review sounds great. I would love to win this.
    karmagrrl at gmail dot com

    FYI, when I went to “like” Hugger Mugger via the link you provided, it went to some bamboo company. I was able to find HM through searching and liked you and them as karmagrrl.

    • yogapeach

      thank you for letting me know one of the links was not connecting proper! I appreciate it and have fixed the problem! Thanks for entering.

  • Lin

    I give my old yoga mats to my kittens- they are better than any scratching post !

  • Cathy Bouldry

    like you and hugger mugger on facebook!
    I already had to stop using old mat. waiting on getting a new one. Actually repurposed by cutting up into squares and circles to make handy no slip grippers for kitchen and other areas in house…. under furniture legs, to use as jar grippers, and as placemats!… but what I really like is the tutorial I saw tonight to make flip flops from your mat!

    added note: yesterday sadly my left leg gave out and I went flying on the tile floor at the end of the carpet/ mat. after laying crying on the floor for half an hour, somehow gathered strength to pull myself in a crawl position to get to bed and cell phone to call ambulance. i tore ligaments and have a complex multiple sprain and now am the proud owner of a cast up to my knee and horrific pain radiating from toes to knee…. anyone know any gentle excercises to do from bed??? I dont want to get clotting and for the next few weeks have to stay off legs, but need to gently increase blog flow. I also want to avoid atrophy… comments? thanks. Cathy

  • Cathy B

    following you on GFC!

    cathy b

  • Cathy B

    thats weird .. my first entry with a comment, saying I liked you and hugger mugger on FB just disappeared after I entered it…. can you let me know if you received it even though it isnt showing up? thanks!

  • jess

    I would definitely gift my yoga mat to my 5 year old daughter who would use it to practice her poses. I am sure she will also use it for 100 other imaginative purposes…!!!!

  • Michael Smith

    I would keep my old mat for my granddaughter to use when she does yoga with me.

    • yogapeach

      awe, that is so sweet!! Please remember to sign our facebook wall to make sure you are entered to win Michael. Thanks for entering.


    i use it on top of waher and dryer so it does not get scratched

    • yogapeach

      love this idea, creative! Please remember to sign our facebook wall in order to enter! Good luck.

  • nickie

    I don’t have a yoga mat but I promise to cherish this one :)


  • amanda

    also liked your fb page and commented as amanda perkins (rucky duck).

  • yogapeach

    aweeee love it. I am an animal lover so of course this one I just love.

  • Lana

    I’m now following you & Hugger Mugger on Twitter, as well as, liking you both on Facebook!
    My last Hugger Mugger is so badly worn from Hot Yoga classes, it’s even got divots on both sides now. It would make a better double-up for a new one.

    Thanks for your posts & this contest!


  • Jennifer

    If I won this yoga mat, my old one would be put to great use in teaching a new student yoga!!

  • Daniel M

    put it out with the rest of the recyclables

  • carrie

    since i already have mats for my students i will use my old mat at home with my kids. they LOVE yoga and i love doing it with them. even my almost two year old loves doing yoga. he’s probably more understanding of it than i am ;) . thanks for being such an awesome catalyst for yoga, keli. it’s great!

    • yogapeach

      awe!!! LOVE that your kids love yoga. Makes me smile. And thanks for your very kind words Carrie. I am so happy I discovered the beauty of yoga.

  • dawn kroswek

    i would pass my old one on to my 11 year old daughter who is loving doing yoga with me!

    • yogapeach

      love when kids are getting into yoga at this age, makes me happy! make sure to sign our facebook wall for entry!

  • Veronica

    I will use my old mat to stick underneath my cat’s litter box to keep them from tracking stuff all over the house!

  • Brooke R.

    I would recycle my old yoga mat by passing it on to someone else that needs one. :)

  • Brooke R.

    I follow you both on Twitter

  • Brooke R.

    I follow on GFC as Brooke

  • michelle khzouz

    I’ll be giving my the local YMCA. They always need extra equiptment

  • monte

    great mat to yoga with

  • Tonya Dean

    I don’t own a yoga mat and have been doing yoga on carpet. This would probably be a lot better.


    • yogapeach

      oh yes, you will love the mats they offer! You have two entries, thanks for entering, please make sure to complete entry by signing our facebook wall!

  • Tonya Dean

    GFC follower – Tonya Dean


  • jen

    i’ve heard that some animals shelters will take mats as extra cushioning for their puppy crates, so i’d definitely call my local one to see if they would like it (plus i already have some sheets that i’ve been meaning to send their way!)

  • Kristina

    I’m so excited about this give away!! If I won the mat, it would be a FABULOUS excuse to give my current mat to my mama! She’s been talking about taking up yoga for the longest time but always finds an excuse to not go… but if she has my current yoga mat, she will have NO excuses to not go to yoga! Can you say PERFECT?! :)
    Thank you!

    • yogapeach

      I love that you want to do yoga with your mom!! Take her to a class, tell her to try a basic intro class.

  • Kat Riley

    I will make camping seats out of my old yoga mat for us to use while sitting around the campfire.

  • Kat Riley

    I like Hugger Mugger on Fb

  • Kat Riley

    I like you on FB and I posted. Thanks for the great recipes.

  • Kat Riley

    I follow yogapeach and hugger mugger on twitter @rilekat

  • Kat Riley

    I follow via GFC

  • Diane Baum

    I’ll pass my old mat on to my friend

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  • Michelle

    I will recycle my mat by giving to a friend who I’m trying to turn onto yoga. It’s a he, so maybe this will help!

    • yogapeach

      yay!! I love it, tell him to read my blog article on “guys do yoga too” some of my favorite instructors are men too tell him,

  • janna

    I would donate it to my work
    Thanks so much!! Janna Johnson jannajanna@hotmail.com janna@feedyoupig on gfc

  • dddiva

    I would give my old mat to my grandson who already does “yoga” with his best friend dude (dog) when I am finished with my yoga. They try to go along with my dvd – it’s a riot. ;)

  • Aisling

    I’d give my current mat to my daughter.

  • Denise Hatz

    yeay! just gfc’d too :)

  • Melodie Kraft Ashley

    I have 2 yoga mats. Having one more will allow me to practice yoga with my sweet daughters. So, I won’t be recycling my old mat, just sharing the love. :)

  • Gloria Attar RN

    I’ve already recycled my yoga mat to a newbie to yoga. Now I’m sharing my daughter’s with her, but would like to be able to do yoga side by side like we used to. It’s a way for us to “check in with each other” as we navigate the teen years and drama!

    I’ve also liked ‘yogapeach’ and ‘Hugger Mugger” on Facebook and Twitter, and posted a comment on ‘yogapeach.’

  • Stefanie

    I discovered a great way to recycle by accident. I always have an old mat in my car so if I forget to pack one I’ve got a back up. I was at my sons baseball game, it was raining, so I spread my mat on the bleachers as a seat cushion. Plenty of room for me and my daughter. I suppose you could even cut it into individual cushions.

  • Frank Topper

    Make a cat scratching post for my one cat. She loves to scratch up unattended mats just laying around!

  • Frank Topper

    I have followed @Hugger_Mugger and @yogapeachblog on twitter! I am @soccertopper…

  • Melane

    I use it as a rug… I ilke both FB PAGES

  • Jackie

    I would use my old mat to put under my husband’s hand drums so they don’t dance around the floor as he plays them. This will aslo save the wooden floor.

  • susan smoaks

    i will give my old mat to my friend who is just getting into yoga
    fb fan of both

  • Heather Thomas

    I actually just recycled my old yoga mat last week!

  • chris

    do not have a yoga mat

  • Sand

    I don’t currently have a mat, I’ve been using a blanket.

  • Alberta Mobley

    I will give my old mat to someone who does not have one at all. I teach a class for free at the public library where several people come that do not have a mat. I pick up mats at garage sales to give away, BUT I would keep the Hugger Mugger for myself. Is that too selfish??

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