24 Day Challenge: Day 1 (Herbal Cleanse)


Here we go!  The 24 DAY GROUP CHALLENGE officially started! We kick off the first 10 days with the AdvoCare 10 Day Herbal Cleanse.  Notice I say cleanse, this is not a fast!   We are encouraged to eat nutritious and delicious foods the entire time.  The purpose is to eliminate toxins, impurities and waste from the body, improve digestion thorough internal cleansing and to overall detoxify the body by natural and gently cleansing the system. The cleanse also boosts overall health and jump start weight loss.  The goal is to do as best you can, no one is perfect but the better you focus on the goal the better the results!  I do not have much weight to lose and I am doing the challenge for overall health and wellness and to lose just a couple pounds/inches.  While some people say not to use a scale, others prefer to check their weight range from time to time using the scale.  If you intend to weight yourself PLEASE make sure you use a very reputable accurate scale.  I’ll be using my Eat Smart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale I love this scale. The cleanse is gentle so almost anyone can do it, even if you’re new to the concept of a cleanse.

Here’s a short NBC News clip that features a report on the health benefits along with a success story.

Those in the 24 Day Group Challenge or 10 Day Cleanse are part of the private message board.  Participation is optional and we’ll share what we’re eating, provide recipe ideas, answer questions, discuss our challenges and results, share exercise tips, keep one another excited.  This not a competition and we do not compete against one another. (I happen to be the type that competes against myself though!) When we did the last 24 Day Group Challenge I found the message board a key piece to the challenge. We kept one another motivated, excited, and it was an excellent method of accountability.   Reading and hearing everyone’s day to day energy and success stories was so inspirational and exciting!   We were all in different states, connected and made new friendships.  Many of us have  stayed in contact and every participant decided continue with one of our favorite products of the challenge, SPARK! for energy and mental focus.  If you chose to do the challenge or cleanse on your own you are always welcome to join the group at any time.

I am so ready to rock this 24 Day Challenge, starting TODAY with the cleanse! This second time around for me is already SO much easier! I know what to expect, how to do it, how great it makes me feel, and already have developed certain habits since the last cleanse!  Giving up coffee on the last cleanse was perhaps one of the hardest challenges, yet it only lasted three days.  I have been a huge coffee “addict” for 14 years and had no reason or desire to give up my coffee.   Since my last cleanse November 1, I barely drink coffee anymore and when I do I rarely finish it.  My friend Alison is the exact same way and she even put her coffee maker away!  (I’m not willing to go that far just yet!)    So here we go…

The 24 Day Challenge Cleanse Phase

Don’t let me confuse you, it’s easier than I make it sound.  There’s direction in the box and an easy to chart from AdvoCare!

A Fiber Drink is taken in the morning on days 1, 2 and 3, and again on days 8, 9 and 10.  (supports intestinal function, eliminates waste, helps maintain cholesterol levels, provides antioxidants),

Herbal Cleanse Tablets before bedtime on days 1-7.  (blend of vitamins, minerals and herbs and help to gently remove waste.)  Day 7-10 there’s nothing taken before bed.

Probiotic Restore Ultra we take on mornings 4-10.  (helps maintain normal beneficial intestinal microflora, supports healthy intestinal function, weight management, improves nutrient absorption, aids digestion, provides immune system support, helps those with occasional constipation, and probiotics include seven different strains and six Billion cfu, three species of Lactobacillus and three species of Bifidobacterium ensures full coverage of both the small and large intestines.)

SPARK for energy, mental focus.  This is a GREAT coffee and soda replacement and we all got hooked last challenge!  It containing  21 vitamins, minerals and amino acids to provide a healthy, balanced source of energy.  It comes in Mango Strawberry, Pink Lemonade, Mandarin Orange, Fruit Punch, Grape, Citrus and Cherry.

OmegaPlex 2-4 daily (Superior essential fatty acid, transports nutrients, supports normal blood flow and cardiovascular health, blood pressure, immune system, reduce inflammation throughout your body and promotes healthy metabolism,  skin, hair and nails), Omega3s are one of the most important supplements. It’s important to beware of which Omega3s we take. Many fail tests, watch this quick 1 min clip to learn more Omega3 Clip

**Optional** Catalyst is optional and helps maintain muscle while you lose fat.  It also helps to repair and protect muscle tissue.  Catalyst is taken just before eating or working out.  I will be taking it every day on the challenge.

Day 1 (Herbal Cleanse Day 1 of 10):

Morning:: Cleanse Fiber Drink and SPARK Orange.  (I prepared my fiber drink with 5 oz hot water, mixed it up and ate it like a cream of wheat type cereal. It’s also good to mix into a meal shake with ice.   Beware that you need to drink the fiber drink rather quickly after you mix it up otherwise it does thicken up and become a little trickier to drink.  Because it’s cold here, I really enjoy my SPARK hot, love it hot!

2 Eggs, 1/4 cup steel cut oats

Afternoon: 1/4 cup unsalted peanuts, 1 cup grapes, Citrizinc Vitamin C/D/Zinc Chew

Pre-Power Yoga: 3 Catalyst and SPARK Fruit Punch  Post-Power Yoga: Rehydrate Pineapple Mango

Late Afternoon: AdvoCare Double Chocolate 140 cal Snack Bar, 2 OmegaPlex

Evening: 4 OZ grilled chicken with 1/4 cup  natural black bean salsa (Tomato, black bean, green pepper, corn, jalapeno, garlic, onion, vinegar, lime), and 4 medium avocado slices  on top of spring mix lettuce

1 Orange

Later Evening (I stay up late working):  4 cups Natural popcorn-did you know 1 natural cup popped is just 30 calories and promotes weight loss?  Try it with fresh squeezed lime or natural spices on top!

Bedtime: Cleanse Herbal Tablets

Water(up to half of my water may come from herbal tea and/or SPARK)=8 (need to get that up to 10!)

Workout: 90 min power yoga

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  • Jill Champlin

    We’ve done the challenge a few times now. I was trolling for a good recipe as we get tired of the usual low carb go-to’s. Found your recipe for the Avocado Chicken with black bean salsa. Made it last night. I can still taste it. Fantastic! Thanks, Jill

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