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Photo of the Day

 Photography: Olive Juice Studios

Headstand (“upside down groom”)

Nicole and Jim marry at the Walker Art Center of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  I’m originally from the Minneapolis area and it’s a beautiful place to tie the knot.

Nicole and Jim chose the Walker Art Center because they both like modern art and architecture, and they loved that the location captured the energy of Minneapolis (plus, it was a mile from where they lived during most of their dating relationship). The ceremony and cocktail hour were outside on the terraces, and then they moved inside for the dinner and dance overlooking the Minneapolis skyline.”   IQvideography

Check out their sweet wedding video (2 min 35 seconds catch the groom in upside handstand action!”)

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Yoga Rut? Get Inspired by Breaking Out Of Your Routine

In a yoga rut?  It happens, it’s totally normal if you’re constantly practicing the same variation of yoga in the same places day after day.

Here are my ideas to freshen up your yoga routine:

#1: Twist up your yoga.  Well, the yoga you practice, that is. Sometimes all I need is to take a yoga class I wouldn’t typically chose to gain a new perspective. Plus, practicing the same yoga over and over I find for me to be the”easier” way. . . but mixing it up with variety here and there gives me new challenges. Even changing the time you practice might refresh your practice.

#2: Learn from others.   Browse yoga sites and blogs, find yoga concepts that are new to you and embrace them.  Practice variations of pranayama, the extension and control of the breath through pranayama like bhramari, ujjayi, nadishodhan, kapalabhati, bhastrika, and recognize the power it has to revitalize the body and spirit.  Learn about the newest yoga trends and products to keep things fun and interesting.   Subscribe to daily inspirational and motivational emails to start your day right.  Follow well respected yogis and learn from them. Mandy Ingber YOGALOSOPHY,  Baron Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga, Kathryn Budig, Sadie Nardini, and Seane Corn  are just some of the few inspirational people to get you started.

#3: Hit some parks or trails.   Take advantage of fresh air. There are loads of beautiful areas to practice outside in this gorgeous weather.  Find a group in your area that sponsors outdoor yoga events or outdoor happy hour yoga. Adventure seeker? Hike some trails and plop your mat down in the most beautiful and serene area you discover.  Practice yoga around nature and animals. Meditate outside. Meditate, meditate, meditate.

#4: Party Like a Yogi.   Get your friends together …host a yoga party.  Hold a potluck and have everyone bring a healthy dish to enjoy after doing yoga in your living room or back yard.  Crank it up a notch and try a wine, chocolate and yoga party.  It’s a great way to introduce your non-yogi friends to yoga and share some laughter.

#5.  Compare yourself to only yourself.  What one person can do versus what you can do doesn’t matter.  Stop comparing yourself to others.  Focus on where you are today in your practice and thank yourself for being present on the mat. If you push yourself to your limits when it feels right and ease back when your body tells you to I assure you that you’re doing it well.

#6.  Listen.   Change up what you’re listening to during your practice.  Do you usually practice without music?  Try mixing it up with your favorite tunes from time to time.  In love with music during your practice?  Try practicing in silence or take yourself to a calm place while listening to the sounds of the waterfront, forest, birds, or whatever you hear in nature.

#7: Celebrate.   Recognize and remind yourself of your successes.  Celebrate what made you discover your practice in the first place and where it’s taken you today. Remember how yoga makes you feel inside and out.  It’s perfectly acceptable to honor yourself and celebrate goals you reach, and you should!

What do you do when you get bored of your yoga routine?   It happens to most everyone, please share how you move through it.

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Photo of the Day

Namaste (prayer pose)

Suleika Mueller

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Bent Out of Shape? Relax, It’s Only a (Yoga) Blog…


a friend got all bent out of shape (no pun intended) over my personal experiences with Bikram today. This is a BLOG folks, that’s what a blog is. A person, couple, family or group’s honest personal experiences and reviews along with favorite finds they offer to share on a topic with those who wish to follow. Have I seriously offended anyone else with my 7 day goal in my attempt to appreciate and learn from Bikram? I wouldn’t be an honest blogger if I didn’t provide my honest feedback. I’d say 99.999% of my posts are positive, encouraging statements, honest experiences, suggestions, recipes, products, stories, free giveaways and interactions with you.

If you do not feel the same or I’ve offended I seriously suggest clicking the “UNLIKE” button now. P.S. stay tuned for the launch of my new blog design and logo next week where I’ll be giving away free yoga inspired jewelry, magazine subscription, a fabulous recipe book, and more!! P.S.S. thanks for all your support, yoga peach (my passion) wouldn’t be possible without the fabulous feedback and participation from you. Love you all.

blog via dictionary 

noun /bläg/
blogs, plural

  • A personal website on which an individual records opinions, links to other sites, etc. on a regular basis

feel free to share your feedback by leaving a comment.

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Photo of the Day

via nicolecaldwell

“I am lucky enough to not have to worry about shedding too many pounds, but instead focus on toning and strength which will show on my wedding day. I decided that the best way to handle this problem (since weight lifting is pretty much out of the question for me) is to take Yoga. I’m just starting out, but so far I can see two things. First off, I have the worst balance/flexibility ever. And second, my body feels amazing after this type of a work out. I am already getting more toned and stretching parts of my body that I never even knew existed before! It is also a totally amazing way for me to shed the stress of my day to day life and the added stress of wedding planning and take a moment to focus on myself. So basically, I’m totally obsessed with yoga. Totally.”  (2 months and 30 days to being married!)  Allison Silber on engagedandinspired.com

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Spicy Black Bean Quinoa Burger with Cilantro-Lime Light Mayo


A very kind follower of Yoga Peach, Darla, shared Cooking Quinoa’s Spicy Black Bean & Quinoa Burger on Facebook two days ago.  I posted asking for people’s favorite black bean burger recipes since I’ve never made them and was craving a bean burger.  That’s the awesome thing about Facebook and friend’s of Yoga Peach.  I’m so glad she shared this one, it’s a total keeper!  I LOVE it.  I followed the recipe pretty closely too which is rare for me.  The only substitutions I made was oat flour vs. quinoa flour (threw oatmeal in the food processor), polenta (also in food processor -it’s pretty much the same as cornmeal), oats in place of bread crumbs, 1 whole red pepper (verses half red, half green), and fresh cilantro instead of parsley.  I used a heaping cup of cooked quinoa too.  The recipe made great size burgers.  I experimented and froze two, if it works I’ll be making 24 of these later this week to freeze and enjoy throughout the spring.

I am THRILLED to discover Wendy of cookingquinoa and can’t wait to check out her recipe book “Cooking Quinoa:  A Collection of the Best Quinoa Recipes” In the meantime, I am obsessed with these burgers (and Wendy) and you may find Wendy’s recipe at Spicy Black Bean & Quinoa Burger

Here’s my Cilantro-Lime Light Mayo Recipe too.  It was delicious on the burger!  ENJOY!

In a small bowl, combine ½ cup light mayo or miracle whip, 1 lime fresh juice, 2 tablespoons finely chopped cilantro(I left my cilantro chunky above), and dash of freshly ground black pepper. Stir well.

the batter…

and the burger!

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Photo of the Day

Handstand in Kefalonia Greece    ”Sun, Sea, and Souvlakis :) ”  Mim and I met as travel friends in Lima, Peru the summer of 2008.  I saw this picture on her Facebook this afternoon and thought it was a beautiful picture and message to share with you.

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Photo of the Day

Virabhadrasana II (Warrior II)

Colleen Conway Rose of  Colleen Rose Yoga

This is a unique photo taken at Peter Islands in the British Virgin Islands. Peace My Friend!

Colleen, I LOVE it!!  This is so much fun.  Thank you for sharing.  Namaste.

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Photo of the Day

Nancy Alder of flyingyogini

Adho Mukha Vrksasana (Handstand)

Handstand  in my yard in the quiet corner of  CT
I love it b/c it is a.) super fun and b.) super powerful
I like yoga peach b/c there’s a broad range of yoga info there to check out and dig.
Yoga is a route to more space:  space you didn’t know you had and space you didn’t know you need. Nancy Alder

Beautiful picture Nancy, thanks for sharing.  ”yoga is a route to more space, space you didn’t know you had and space you didn’t know you need.”  Beautiful.

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29 Day Giving Challenge

via 29gifts.org

The 29 Day Giving Challenge was given to me by a very special yoga instructor of mine in February 2010 during a difficult challenge I was going through.  I remember it making me smile.  Perhaps you’ve heard of the book.  It’s become a very popular memoir with a powerful story and message.  Cami Walker’s shares each day of her 29 day giving journey and the beautiful change in her mind set as she stops focusing all her mental energy on her condition and starts to open up to others through simple and mindful gestures.  Her gifts were anywhere from handing someone on the street in need some change to paying for someone’s meal in the drive through behind her to offering words of wisdom or encouragement.  In turn she starts to see everything unfold and give back, providing improved health,relationships, and leads her on a fresh and happier path.   This is an amazing and inspirational book I recommend to everyone.  It’s a quick read or you can enjoy 2-3 pages a day for 29 days.  After reading the book, I followed through on the 29 Day Giving Challenge and look forward to doing it again.

“The best way to attract abundance into your life is to be in a perpetual state of giving and gratitude. Be an important part of the global giving movement that inspires more generosity on our planet.”  Cami Walker

A FEW HELPFUL TIPS from The 29 Gifts Movement
Be mindful, Don’t quit, Don’t worry if you don’t do it perfectly, Be receptive and have fun, Participate, Stick Around.

Yoga Peach’s 29 Day Giving Challenge I start the 29 Day Giving Challenge again newt week.  Will you join me?

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