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NAMA Hair & Body Care is one of my favorite product finds this season!   The Moisturizing Skin Food was the first product I tried, and from there Nama had me curious and quickly hooked on their product line.  I’ve used every product as of today and each one is amazing. I’m glad I finally discovered them. Nama uses natural ingredients, paraben-free, sulfate-free, artificial color-free, and free of harsh preservatives. Nama products cover dry skin, damaged hair, sanitary yoga mats and more.  They contain everything from aloe to litchi to galanga root.  I find the products all very high quality and effective. I’m not sure I’ve ever found an entire product line where I love every single product until now.  I love the smell and feel of everything Nama!


Moisturizing Skin Food: One of my top favorites, mostly because I’ll use it daily this winter. It’s truly like the name suggests- Skin Food!  It contains avocado, olive oil and aloe and absorbs nicely, being somewhere between a cream and lotion.  You can feel it working instantly.  My skin gets so incredibly dry going into winter season so the moisturizing skin food will be an almost daily use product for me.  It smells so refreshing and has a light minty smell.  I carry one bottle in my yoga bag and sometimes use it before teaching yoga class.  It’s an excellent value, and a little goes a long way for me.

Calming Mediation Cream: A MUST for all yoga instructors, massage therapists, those who meditate, or anyone who enjoys calming creams.   The soothing cream is sooooo refreshing and calming for meditation, just as the name suggests.  It contains essential oils with natural menthol, creating a comforting tingle as you feel it work into the muscles.  I just starting using it during savasana and students find it to be a real winner!  A regular student said to me this past Monday evening “This was your BEST yoga class EVER tonight.” and I have to wonder if savasana played a little roll in that…True story.  This product, just like the Moisturizing Skin Food, is a great value and will last a long time.

Yoga Foot Balm:  We all neglect our feet.  I admit that I don’t lotion my feet regularly and everyone should.  Especially being a yoga practitioner and instructor I need to give the proper care to my feet.  Besides, everything starts from the ground up.   It contains a blend of beeswax, shea butter and essential oils and was created to “repair, soften, soothe, and protect dry , rough, and cracked skin on feet, knees, elbows and cuticles.”   This one’s sitting on my nightstand as a reminder to moisturize my feet before bedtime.

Hand & Mat Sanitizer:  AWESOME!  First hand plus mat sanitizer all-in-one!!  Green tea and mint smells light, refreshing and cleanses the hands without a sticky residue that some hand sanitizers are known to do.  This one’s great to keep in my yoga bag and spray my mat with after each yoga class, especially after power yoga.  PLUS, their new 2 oz travel size hand & mat sanitizer takes up hardly any space in my bag and is perfect for traveling.  I’m going to keep a few travel size bottles on hand for small gifts for yogi friends.  It’s great for stocking stuffers with the holidays coming up too and super affordable. I’m also thinking about getting these for our yoga retreat in Belize this December.

Weightless Mositure Shampoo and Daily Nourishing Conditioner:   The shampoo bottle reads “with litchi, galanga and sunflower extracts” for deep moisturizing and soy protein to smooth and protect dry or damaged hair.  I love the light minty smell…it puts me in total zen mode, totally refreshing me in the shower.  The conditioner reads “rich in amino acids and vitamins Pro-B and E”  which rebuild protein and vitamins to repair and renew dry or damaged hair.  It makes my hair ever so shiny and so soft.  The pushup tops of both bottles are super cool and makes it so easy not squeeze out more shampoo and conditioner than I need.

The shampoo and conditioner bottles says they are both safe for color treated hair, paraben-free, sulfate-free and never use harsh preservatives, artificial colors nor ingredients tested on animals just like the entire NAMA product line.

The name says it all….two thumbs up to you, NAMA, and namaste to you!


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