Triathlon Training… Oh how I despise running. Seeking tips from runners!

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Triathlon Training is serious business now that I’ve set a goal to complete my first triathlon late spring or early summer.  It’s also on my list of dreams to make reality in 2013.

So…Swimming without a doubt, I shall conquer… Biking will be do-able.  I spin hard several days a week, love the endorphin rush.  Once the weather warms up it’s key that I get myself on road training and buy quality triathlon bike (sigh, even a used tri-bike is SO expensive!)  Running… plain and simple, I’m pitiful.  Right now I can probably run 4 miles (with stops to walk.) It has got to be the most boring and painful workout that exists.

I’m seeking suggestions and tips from runners.  How do I get myself on a regular running schedule and more importantly, how do I learn to ENJOY running?  I would love to hear from runners what keeps you motivated and loving running.

Here’s what I’ve come up with tonight to get myself running and keep running.

1.  Training Log.  I’ll plan what days I’m running and write down some notes after each run.  Hopefully with time I will see progress in not only the run but how I feel about running.  I’d love to go from “hated today’s run” to “finished strong”

2.  Mantra.  Call it positive affirmations if you will. I’ll chose short phases that will play over and over in my head while running to jamm’ tunes so that I will stay focused and centered.  ”Harder, faster, stronger,” “I can do anything I set my mind to,” “there is an end point to this,” “I am strong,” “Progress feels so good,” or “Never give up” should work.

3. Running Club.  I joined the Running Club at the Sporting Club Bellevue and six minutes ago someone posted for tomorrow’s run tomorrow on the Ben Franklin Bridge. I’ve done yoga on the Ben Franklin Bridge, and running it sounds interesting. I commit to joining a run with them next week. I also joined a Philadelphia run club and a “Run like a girl” club although I’m not sure how much fun that sounds as a single girl here!

4.  Reward.  Yep, I am going to bribe myself.  Sure am.  I’ll set goals for a certain number of runs and/or distance and after meeting those goals will rewards myself with some spa service or something.  But then again, is that really a bribe?  Perhaps I should just tell myself I really deserve this after accomplishing my goals.

5.  All or nothing.  It’s not all or nothing. I tend to push myself hard with my desires and goals…it keeps me excited and keeps the momentum going.  I’ll try not to push too hard, especially when I start running as it’s not all or nothing.  If from time to time I’m just not up for running as long or far as I expected I’ll cut myself some slack and be satisfied with what I do accomplish.

6.  The goal.  One of the goals in training for the triathlon is working towards a new and exciting accomplishment. The energy and way it feels to make goals and dreams happen is powerful. It feels incredible. I will envision the goal, envision the journey, envision rush and elation I will feel on the race day of the triathlon.  I will envision a new accomplishment.

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  • Lisa

    You can totally do this….and most certainly will. For me, running is a major stress relief. In a sense, I run from my problems all the time because I seriously get home, get those running shoes on, and I am on my way. Good music is key for me as well as outdoor running. I find it extremely difficult to run on a treadmill, but I’ll force myself in this cold weather. Only advantage to that at my gym is that I have my own personal TV. So I time when I’m going around the shows I want to see – usually Chopped on the Food Network.

    With my outdoor runs, I venture onto new paths through the parks or play games during it. Silly, but it works for me. For certain parts of my runs, I’m on streets and I say “okay, I have to get to the stop sign before any cars pass me”, which makes me run faster or it just takes my mind off of things. On my routes that I know by heart, I look at the landscaping or see things I like or don’t like that I’d do at my house. One of my routes is along the golf course, so for a good part of my run I’m watching the golfers.

    For me though, that controlled breathing of fresh air and moving step after step closer to my goal, usually keeps me super motivated. I remember when I first started running, I couldn’t even do a mile. I had to walk frequently or I’d be out of breath so easily – and now? I have come so far, so you have to celebrate those accomplishments. Maybe run a 5K charity run and work up to that prior to going for the full triathlon. I’m happy to join you for any 5K – baby steps, Keli.

    Now for me, your strength is my weakness. That swimming part scares me beyond belief…however, I’m going to work on that this summer! Good luck with it. You’ll do great.

    Oh and another thing – proper stretching before and after. I also find that chewing gum helps me so my mouth doesn’t dry out. ha. :)

    • yogapeach

      Lisa, these are great!! Thank you. Funny we have opposite strengths and weaknesses. I appreciate your encouragement. Btw, if I chewed gum while exercising I’d likely choke!

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