Pradeep Teotia Master Class Philadelphia. More than just yoga.

5mid flipping my dog in Pradeep Teotia’s Master Hot Power Yoga Class

all photos by JoeLongo Photography 

How much do you know about yoga and what has it taught you, how has it inspired you and what has yoga encouraged you to become?  How do you apply what you’ve learned in yoga off the mat in daily life?  Sitting in lotus just five minutes into Pradeep Teotia’s Master Class I felt very grateful for this opportunity and what was about to happen. Born and raised in a small village outside of New Delhi, Pradeep is an internationally certified yoga teacher who draws mostly from his training in India. Pradeep visited Philadelphia last week and held a master class yoga workshop at Dana Hot Yoga. It deepened my every day practice and understanding of yoga.  The class was physically challenging and vigorous, yet mindful and inspiring. It integrated practices of the mind that relate to daily life. It’s challenging for me to describe the incredible experience so instead I’ll leave you with photographs that my yoga friend JoeLongo captured. Pradeep’s energy and style of teaching is unique and inspiring. If you ever have the chance to take a class with him take advantage of the opportunity.

Grateful. Thank you Pradeep for an amazing, inspiring and challenging master class experience. I have never experienced yoga the way we did this evening, thank you for coming to Philly. “Now is the beginning…” Om shanti.

7The Dana Hot Yogis and Pradeep out for Indian food after our 2 1/2 hour practice.

5The following two days Pradeep held workshops at Balance Yoga Studio 



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