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In celebration of the first day of spring Yoga Peach and Acacia Lifestyle are giving away Leah Sarago’s Ballet Body DVD collection!  This is one the hottest ballet-inspired workouts ever. Acacia Lifestyle sent me these three DVDs a few weeks ago which includes Upper Body Workout, Lower Body Workout, and Core Workout.  They are awesome and much more fun than most home workout videos!

Ballet Body by fitness expert Leah Sarago blends dance, yoga and pilates into a fun yet challenging workout that works for everyone. Upper Body Workout strengthens, sculpts, and defines your arms, back, and shoulders. Lower Body Workout lengthens your thighs, and shapes your legs and backside.  The moves in this one are a lot of fun! You’ll definitely feel a great lower body burn the next morning!  Core Workout focuses on total core strength to strengthen and tighten your core. I especially love this video as it’s helped me incorporate new fun and challenges exercises into the abdominal portion of power yoga and my core power class I teach to dance students.


Challenge your core with Ballet Body’s dynamic, integrative training approach to help flatten the mid-section while building core strength. While cardio and diet are the essential components to reducing abdominal fat, properly training the core is the key element to achieving a flatter belly. As the abdominal muscles weaken with age, pregnancy, and a lack of exercise, the belly begins to protrude outward as a result. Ballet Body core workout will train the abdominals to act as a “corset” to tighten and flatten your belly, while strengthening the core at the same time. Ballet Body® core workout emulates a non-surgical “tummy-tuck”. Leah has designed this workout to target your core from all angles. This complete core workout begins with standing abdominal exercises to challenge the core with balance, movement, and control. On the mat, work your core with variations in side planks and pilates-inspired abdominal exercises. Balance the ab-focused exercises with back strengthening exercises before flowing into deep stretching.


Strengthen, sculpt, and define your upper body with this creative, results-oriented workout DVD. Begin this workout with intensely challenging your upper body and core on the mat with muscle-elongating techniques and strengthening sequences to maximize muscle fiber recruitment.  Perform Arabesque Push-Ups, Circular Planks, Down-ward Facing Dog Push-Ups, and Rock the Hips Tricep Dips to offer you innovative ways to activate your muscles.  After 25 minutes of mat work, grab a pair of dumbbells for a 20 minute nonstop, weighted arm workout that will have your arms and shoulders burning in no time.  Because the weighted arm exercises in this DVD explore a wide range of motion, light dumbbells are advised.  With the shoulder being the most unstable joint in the body, it is important to properly train and strengthen this joint with care. These dance-inspired, muscle-lengthening movements will safely sculpt sleek and defined arms, while strengthening the shoulder girdle to help increase range of motion and prevent injury. Improve your muscle definition, posture, and strength with this incredible upper body focused workout  suitable for all levels, complete with modifications and advanced options.



This nonstop, muscle shaping workout is performed at the barre with exercises including Circle the Hips in Plié, Rock the Hips in Parallel, Lunges in Relevé, Diagonal Fold-overs, and variations in tucks, lifts, and bridge sequences. Train your lower body the proper way with this ultimate, no fluff, muscle-burning workout to achieve the results you have always desired from a barre workout. This calorie-burning, body-weight resistance-only workout will lengthen the thighs while creating beautiful muscle definition so you can fit into your skinny jeans, or show off your Ballet Body® legs in shorts. Lengthen the thighs, lift the seat, and sculpt the back of the legs with Ballet Body® Signature Series Lower Body workout, which gracefully ends with a deep, 13-minute yoga and dance centered stretch. Sculpt your legs longer and leaner with this challenging workout DVD suitable for all levels, complete with modifications and advanced options.

An RLJ Entertainment, Inc. brand, Acacia is a leading distributor of original and award-winning yoga, fitness, and wellness DVD programming. Acacia’s other workouts are from the number one diet and fitness websiteSparkPeople, top healthy living brand Canyon Ranch, yoga superstar Shiva ReaUltimate Kettlebell Workouts for Beginners with master instructor Paul Katami, The Doctor’s co-host Dr. Lisa: Yoga BlastExhale: Core Fusionseries, and TV star and author Bethenny Frankel. Acacia DVDs are available from select retailers, catalog companies, Amazon.com/acacia, and direct from Acacia at (800) 944-0474 or AcaciaLifestyle.com

HOW TO ENTER (please complete all four):

1)    Leave a comment below saying you want to win (and anything else you have to say) -easy!

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* Contest will be open until 12:00pm EST on Friday, April 5. Contest winner must have a US or Canada mailing address.
* The winner will be randomly selected and announced on FACEBOOK & Yoga Peach Blog! Please check there to see if you won. The winner will need to contact Yoga Peach within 5 days to provide name and shipping address.  Winner will receive the Ballet Bodythree set DVD collection. Good luck!

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  • Mary Kate

    Hey hoping for a chance to win these fun DVD’s! Love workouts with ballet inspiration <3

  • Liz

    I miss ballet classes. These DVDs look great!

  • dawn heath

    I wanna be a ballerina! Or…just look like one!

  • Victoria

    I want to win :P lolol I love enjoying a good workout! & this defiantly seems like it would be!!!!!

  • Ariele

    I’d love these and would totally share with my physical therapy clients when they get back on their feet. :) facebook.com/SacredSourceYoga

  • Yanet

    What an awesome giveaway.. fingers crossed! Since im injured from running, can really use this.

    • yogapeach

      two entries, thanks for sharing the link! I would like to hear more about this injury since I just took up running and it’s the only exercise that’s really causing discomfort. Sorry to hear you are injured.

  • Cristiane

    Hi Keli! I hope I am the winner :) I am also a yoga fanatic (Bikram I should say) and would love to try these videos at home at my own time and space. I never won anything in my life so I hope I can prove that wrong and win at once. thanks for giving them away and good luck to the winner :)

  • kyla

    I wanna win!

  • Chandra

    These videos sound awesome! Hope to win.

  • Andrea

    i want to win the dvds ….

  • Rosie Grosjean

    I want to win – need to get fit for my 10th Wedding Anniversary!

  • ashley lormand

    I love Ballet I love acacia- I would love to have these dvd’s!!! PRetty please, and I am known as the Giggling Peach!

    • yogapeach

      Please add on facebook and leave a comment on the wall to finish entry. Thanks for entering Ashley!

  • Melanie Anne

    I would love to win this :)

  • daphne

    I wold love to win!!!!! <3 :')

  • Diane Stokes

    Hi, I am leaving a comment here, hoping to win your collection of Ballet Body dvds. I think the movements would be exciting new additions to my workouts. I am also a group fitness instructor, always looking for lower impact options for baby boomers.

    I like both Yoga Peach and Acacia Fitness on Facebook and Twitter. I retweeted your link to this giveaway (my twitter profile is MyRaceBling) I also left a comment on your FB wall to complete my entry (my FB name is Diane Marie Stokes)

    Thank you!


  • Arlinda

    I really hope I win these. I’m having trouble with my asthma recently and I need something low impact yet still will give me a proper workout. I think this will definitely help switch up my normal routine and tone my entire body.

  • Robin

    I’m always looking for new exercise videos and moves to help me stay fit and also for a change. I am a fitnatic when it comes to exercise and would like to help others a long the way.

  • Monica

    These dvds look great. Would love to win

    • yogapeach

      Please add on facebook and leave a comment on the wall to finish entry. Thanks for entering Monica.

  • cindy b

    i would LOVE to win!! liked both pages -cindy batchelor

  • Victoria

    This would be so awesome to win! After having 3 kiddo’s , one just recently, I would love to dance my way back into shape!

  • Meaghan

    I’m starting an amazing new job on Monday with very odd hours so I have no idea when I will be able to get to my regular yoga classes! Videos like this would be an amazing help to keep me on track for my fitness goals!!

  • Tonya

    I would like to win.

  • Olga Mariasch

    I would love to win the dvd’s to better myself and become the sick health my mother lead. I am struggling with my weight and looking for something that will keep my interest and help me loose the weight and firm up. I always love Ballet which I was first incouraged and then denied to piano and violin. I would love to have that chance again, but paying off the kids hospitals bills. I’m not trying for the pity aproach, just to say that I would love a fair chance at winning them. Thank you for your time.

  • Kenia

    I so want to win. I danced for 16 years and have been searching for a similar amazing workout I can do on my schedule. I’m going to share this with everyone.

  • Marcia Miller

    Well of course I want to win these DVDs! Long, lean, stong, graceful, and balanced muscles are awesome.

  • Kathleen Sanfrey

    I want to win! :-)

  • Laurie

    I want those results! Looks like a great way to get and stay in shape! :)

  • Cheri

    Just stumble across your page! It looks fantastic! Enter me in the contest! Thanks!

  • Erin

    I have been wanting to try these! I hope that I win!!

  • georgine langlois

    I love to dance and would love to win these DVD’s

  • Anne Halfyard

    I would love to win these :)

  • Alicia Wells

    I’ve always liked ballet besides good exercise it’s good for your posture. I need this and hope I’m blessed enough to win this!

  • Debra Lee

    Following both on Twitter and Tweeted here: https://twitter.com/DistractedDebra/status/316626320631140354

  • Alicia Wells

    I need to get in shape. I’ve been feeling a restriction in my neck and think this would help because it helps your posture and balance plus great toning.
    Thank you,

  • Stephie Wharam

    I need something to get me back on the fitness track. I have been a huge slacker. Maybe this can be just the thing :) I have liked you on Facebook for some time now so that is done, I liked acacia on Facebook, I am following you and them on twitter and tweeted about this give-a-way. I think I have done about all that I can :)

  • Tannis W

    I’d love to try these DVDs.

  • Heather S

    These would be awesome! I would LA LA LOVE to win! Thanks!

  • Yanet

    did i win? :)

  • Penny Pancerev

    I’ve always loved ballet…it develops strong elongated muscles like yoga! This would bring me back to my childhood & a great core work-out to help my back. Thanks for the contest!

  • Lori

    Myself and my 14 year old daughter want to WIN!!!! The DVD’s look fabulous.

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