Big Sunday.


I just clicked the “Pay now” button…  it’s official. Note that there is no exclamation mark after “it’s official.”  Phewwwww. Mixed thoughts. Even a teeny bit of anxiety. Yup, yogis can get that anxiety stuff too, we’re just supposed to know how to “control” it.  I’ve had something planned in my head for the past 6 weeks but I haven’t shared it with anyone. I think part of me didn’t even know if my own plans were real which is weird because once I set my mind to something I always follow through.  This was different though. I even waited until today, just four days in advance, to pay and make it official. It’s nothing crazy or nothing that other people haven’t done so don’t get too excited. But for me… it’s BIG. Really, it is.  It’s something I never thought about doing or wanted to accomplish until recently. Right now I’m wondering Is it real?  Am I doing this?  Yep, I’m doing it.  I happen to feel awful tonight (chills/aches/exhausted) but I don’t think it’s related to anxiety.  I think I’m just getting sick and I need to get better before weekend. I’m a little anxious and nervous but also really EXCITED.  Most important, I’m preparing my mind.  I can do this. I can do almost anything I set my mind to.  See you Sunday.

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