Broad Street Run. My second race.


It doesn’t get easier, you just get better.  Unofficial:  1:37

I can’t think too much right now but figured now is the best time to take notes from the race.  I just ran the 34th annual Broad Street Run, making it my second race in the last month.  My lower legs and right hip flexor are sore and I feel a bit foggy. My brain is on a delay. I had no appetite for the first few hours after the race but now I’m finally enjoying sushi and chocolate milk, which is a bizarre thing to eat after a race.  At least I think so.


post-race comida

I thought it was funny we were assigned a color group and each group started at different times.  I was all set anticipating take off at 8:30 and it came as a surprise that my group wasn’t starting until after 9:00am. I had used half my iphone battery listening to music since 7:00am to get pumped for the race. I was freezing waiting for the race to start. Somehow it dropped down to 48 degrees this morning. By the time we finished it was mid 50s.  It can’t be May.


9:08am.  Horn sounds.  Yellow group blasts off.

Pre-1 mile marker.  At least I think it was.  Where are the mile markers?  Did I miss the first one?  I think I missed the 1 mile mark.  I took off way too fast and realized after the first mile or two that I had to keep myself under control in order to pace myself through the race.  I remember the same excitement at my first race and I had to remind myself to slow down in the beginning.

Mile 2.  Oh no. I totally have to go to the bathroom.  This is going to suck.  It really started to suck once I got to mile 8. The possibility of having to go to the bathroom never occurred to me before. This was the biggest downer of the race.


Mile 3.  Seriously, we’re just at mile 3?  Three miles is simple on a normal day. Why does it seem like I should be half way done already?  I totally don’t know where we are on Broad Street and I’m looking forward to crossing a street sign that I recognize.  I’m diggin’ the spectator signs, the funny bands, and large crowds cheering everyone on but this might get really old with 7 miles to go. I turn up my music, ignore my surroundings and focus on my goal.  Then I pass these two patriotic guys and I’m slightly curious what their story is.


Mile 5.  I’m happy to see City Hall and to be transitioning from North Broad Street to South Broad Street.  I like the scenery better and know the area.  I’ll be able to gauge how much of the race is left now.  I’m approaching Broad and Pine…that’s where my very mini “fan club” is waiting to cheer me on.  There are hundreds of people on each side of Broad Street and I don’t see my friends. They never see me. But just knowing they were there gave me an extra boost at this point in the race. And I won’t lie…I totally picked up my pace so I’d look like a cool fast runner whizzing by them. Hehehe, that turned out to be pointless.

Mile 7.  I’m passing where I live on Broad Street.  So tempting to stop and call it a day.  Some of the spectator signs are motivational and others are just plain dumb.  My least favorite signs were the ones that read something like “Run now, bacon (or cheesesteak) later,” “Run now, Beer (or margaritas) later” along with several dirty signs that were pretty rediculous…except for “Call me if you have stamina.” The signs that mentioned alcohol or food made my stomach turn and I totally dislike them.  My favorite signs were the motivational ones. “Pain in temporary, pride is forever,” “Almost there, keep running!” “Strong mind, strong body,” “Run your ass off” and signs like that. They made my legs move quicker and I couldn’t slow down to take pictures of them.

Mile 9.  My iPhone fails from boob sweat.  It happened at the end of my last race too. It’s frozen and the screen does not function. Fortunately music is still playing, I’m just not able to chose what song I hear for my last mile.  Note to self: don’t keep your phone in your sports bra.  But wait…”Violet” starts playing and it’s probably the best song on the playlist.  I start picking up the pace right as someone yells “ONE MORE MILE!”  My last mile affirmation I kept repeating was “fire it up, fire it up…” Sweet. I got this.

Mile 9.5.  Approaching the Navy Yard sign I’m able to start sprinting.  I cross the blue Navy Yard sign which I was told was the finish line. Nope.  Police officer tells me “half mile more to go!”  Lame.  I keep up with my quick pace until I cross the real finish line.

Mile 10.  Relieved.  Happy.  Proud I ran the entire race without stopping. I clock myself at 1:37, but that seems impossible.  Looking forward to official race times.  (updated:  1:39:04)  This race wasn’t nearly as hard as the half marathon and the races were completely different.


Post- race was chaos.  I didn’t like the huge crowds and just wanted space to breathe.  I wanted it to be quiet around me too.  I had chills just after I finished even though it was sunny and warm outside by now.  Why were so many people, including myself, coughing after they finished?  Was it the air, the change of season, or what was it?  Someone tell me, please.  I couldn’t believe people were able to eat Philly Pretzels, bags of chips, cookies, yogurt, and bananas just minutes after the race.  I grabbed a banana, took one bite and felt sick to my stomach.  A small cup of gatorade was all I could consume.  I know it’s best to load yourself with food immediately after a race but I’m just not capable of eating for 2 hours post-race.

How do I feel a few hours post-race?  Happy and pleased with my outcome. I also feel energy depleted and crappy. I barely slept last night and kept waking up from nightmares unrelated to the race.  I’ve never experienced “runner’s high” that so many runners seem to get excited about.  What I experience is something more like “runner’s crabby.” Even though I feel happy with the accomplishment I also feel like I’m in a daze. I am lacking patience which is unusual and I just seem to get irritated by things after a race.  I’m also feeling really chilly.  Maybe I just need a nap or better yet I’ll just go to sleep really early.

I’ve learned something about myself today.  I’ve always said I suck at running and that I’m not actually a runner. Great yoga attitude, right?  Running has always been the one sport that I’ve considered myself weak at.  But after completing this race and surprising myself with my time I realize I’m actually pretty normal. I’m not as slow as I thought I was or maybe I’ve recently  progressed.  Anyways, I’m gonna ditch the negative self talk about me and my running skills as of today.

I have this funny feeling after my second race.  I feel something like “so now that I know I can do it what’s next?” Eak. Maybe this means I’ll work towards a time goal next time or maybe I’m almost ready for my triathlon and should sign up for one soon.  I’m not quite sure what’s next but I’m looking forward to whatever it is.


lame for standing there with your lame-o sign.


Much better.  Football guys cheering on the crowd.  Muchhhhhh better.



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