Triathlon Shopping


Call me a nerd because sometimes I am.  I actually canceled a date to shop for athletic gear last night at City Sports. In my defense I went out three days during the week and just wanted to focus this entire weekend on serious triathlon training and work.

I enjoy shopping for athletic gear as much as I like shopping dresses. Brandon at the Walnut Street store was by far the most knowledgeable sports store sales person I’ve ever encountered. He even got me sold on these socks that cost more for one pair than I usually spend on a 3-pack.  I actually noticed a big difference and think they’re a smart purchase for people who train hard or play sports.  I would definitely prefer the low cut or even the quarter cut so I’ll be trying those next.

I also picked up my sporty goggles by Aqua Spheres and I’m most excited by my new running shoes.  I’ve been dreading my runs again although I can’t say I’ve ever been excited to run.  Running has always been my weakest sport. Thanks to my new Mizuno Wave Rider 16 shoes I was pumped to run before power yoga this morning.  I wasn’t sure about Mizuno’s but they’re ultra light, comfy and I’m pretty sure they’re the best running shoes I’ve ever purchased. I’m so excited to run again tomorrow afternoon.  The only things left to purchase is whatever I’ll be wearing (I have yet to find decent looking triathlon body gear), my bike, bike shoes, a helmut, and a ginormous water bottle.  Suggestions welcome.



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