D.C.’s Youngest Yoga Teacher

Yoga District Teacher Training © Eleanor Kaufman 2013.

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Meet Washington D.C’s youngest yoga teacher.  When Ivan Nolia joined his mother for a yoga class at a local library he was immediately hooked. A year and a half later he became a certified yoga teacher and recently started teaching the yoga to his swim team.  Ivan’s swim coach, Robert Green, says that the yoga is making a difference and the kids are enjoying it. ”Ivan is one of a kind, definitely. He’s extremely mature for his age,” Green says. “It was a blessing to have Ivan (start teaching yoga) around this time … The kids are dragging, and the heat is getting to them. The yoga is teaching them to breathe and be patient.”


Nolia enrolled in an 11-day, 200-hour intensive teacher certification training this year at Yoga District .  ”It just looked so fun…Most people were 22 and up … I’m the only 9- year-old there … The first day it was very scary, the second day I got used to it, and third day — it was awesome.” says Nolia.  Nolia seems to inspires lots of yoga practitioners and instructors in D.C.  Instructor Aqeel Yaseen said that Nolia was “the highlight” of the 11-day teacher training and really inspired the older students.

Wow, impressive.  This guy’s probably going to become a yoga legend.  Check out more images at wtop

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