Holidays and Productivity

It’s Monday!  Sweet.  Every day is a new opportunity.  Put yesterday’s struggles behind or build on yesterday’s success. It may be a holiday week but let’s not use this as a reason to make excuses.  As the holidays roll around again, this is often the time of year where people start slacking with their fitness, career, and personal goals.  People get so busy and it seems like so many create unnecessary chaos during a time where we’re supposed to be grateful while celebrating with friends and family.  It’s a time filled with temptations of all kinds of special holiday treats and reasons to get lazy that we don’t see the rest of the year.  It’s really easy to use it as an excuse. And maybe that’s what you’ll choose. However, if you’d like to establish some sort of balance throughout the holidays, read on.

Deciding that you’re not going to let the holidays destroy all your goals and hard work is a good start. But you need a plan.  It is possible to remain productive with work and stay on track with your personal goals.  I’ve already seen a bunch of excuses posted on Facebook of why people won’t make it to the gym this entire week and how they won’t be able to avoid setbacks.  How is it possible to miss an entire week of scheduled workouts when it’s just a one (maybe two) day holiday?  Plan to succeed rather than sabotage your goals.

I am choosing to approach the holiday season like I do with any of my goals: with absolute commitment, focus, and knowing that the alternatives are not productive to me.  I’ll be driving 16 hours over this Thanksgiving week so what will keep me sustained while on the go?   Once again, planning.  I’ll simply need to shift my schedule and plan in advance.  Earth shattering info? No. Do I have to stick to it? Yes. Is it possible I’ll get lazy and not want to do it?  Maybe. Will I feel horrible if I get off track one day?  No, but I’ll remember the importance of my goals and won’t use getting off track one day as a reason to destroy my goals over the holidays.  I will enjoy time to celebrate accomplishments and express gratitude while continuing to pursue my goals over the holidays.

Thanksgiving week goals 



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