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Awesome day!  Today was by far one of my best and most challenging training days.  It’s been tough getting any long rides in outside so I took full advantage of the 55 degree weather today.  The highlight of today’s ride was the insane hills and of course riding with Kara and Chris. Kara is such an incredible friend. She and Chris have taught me a lot plus Kara makes a killer BLT sandwich post-ride.

Incase you missed this post I just recently found out that Ironman Los Cabos is mostly hills. Yikes! So, um, yeah…keeping up the required pace while climbing hills in order to make cutoff is going to be cutting it tight for me…especially in a race where last year the do not finish rate seemed pretty high. I’ve actually had random Ironman people who I’ve never met ask me why I picked this race. Isn’t the weather, scenery, and Spanish language enough reason? I’ve accepted the fact it’s quite possible I may not cross the finish line of my first Ironman but since the majority of training has been incredibly mental, I realize that the mind is capable of almost anything. I still plan to give this race my all and no matter what I’ll be happy I took on the challenge. Kara is confident I will do it.

I finally rode some serious hills today.  Whoa!  I’ve never heard the sound of my breath like this before.  It was pretty weird.  The reward for climbing the steep hills was of course flying downhill.  I’ve never gone so fast downhill and kept envisioning what would happen if one of my wheels popped off. Seriously…I felt a little nervous and noticed that I held my breath.  We were greeted by some pretty spectators, the horses, after one of our climbs.

I considered stopping on each huge hill but told myself to envision riding in Los Cabos. That pushed me up each and every hill (slowly) without stopping.  We can turn weakness into strength while allowing discomfort to appear and then fade away. Days like today make me realize my progress. It’s easy to let your mind wander on a long ride but I tried to “feel” the race.  The only problem?  If I were in the race I’d have to do today’s ride X3!  Wow. Anything’s possible.

If you break it down, most things we really want to achieve are possible.  Ironman is no different.  There will be many peaks and valleys along the 140.6 mile course, it just comes down to how my mind and body are able to respond.

Ironman Los Cabos Training

Ironman training nutrition

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  • Marjie

    I see a Tour de Pink jersey in that picture! I did my first TdP last September! So cool! Also, good luck with your training! ~Marjie

    • yogapeach

      Thanks Marjie! Wish I could do Tour de Pink with my friend this year but won’t be in town.

    • yogapeach

      Marjie, I am not sure if my blog notifies people when I respond but if you see this can you let me know if you did Tour de Pink this year?

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