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Coffee is just one of the things I’ve temporarily given up lately.  This isn’t the first time I’ve done it and I’m still not totally convinced there’s a point in doing it. I guess for me it’s part of a practice that’s somewhat health and discipline related. Maybe there’s a little more to it but it doesn’t really matter. I quit drinking coffee on May 12 and my goal was no coffee for a month. I felt happy and refreshed yet a little sleepy on my walk this morning and knew an iced latte would make me even happier.  I gave in 6 days early and it was so worth it.  The wonderful thing about coffee is that it delivers it’s promise every time.

So after 24 days with no coffee I can say that I genuinely feel better sipping a coffee at least every few days.  I try to pay attention to my body’s cues when it comes to nutrition and if something feels right, I’ll keep it. Coffee feels right. I am equally attached to the taste and aroma and I enjoy the coffee euphoria. I’m not sure I’ll ever give up coffee again because like the sign says….I’m not a quitter.

I think I’ll go ahead and have another cup right now. So happy coffee and I are back together.  Happy Friday.

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  • Gina Frontino

    I gave up coffee too back in January/February for about a month and replaced it with really good tea (coconut oolong and green tea leaves) and I was shocked that I was okay without it. Little by little tho I am back to drinking coffee again….at least one big cup in the morning. I love that sign….so fitting. : )

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