Philadelphia Coffee Shops

So I’ve been writing these #yogapeachnotes to myself every time I visit a coffee shop lately and leave them at the table for the next person who sits down. It all started because of this one and the guy who thanked me for it later.

Patience.  It’s not only waiting but it’s the ability to stay calm and keeping a positive attitude. Believe that it is possible and it is likely that it will happen.  When it comes to little things traffic or waiting for an appointment that’s running late I don’t lack patience. Life has taught me several lessons in patience and continues to teach me lessons. When something really meaningful to me, however, I can acknowledge that once in awhile I just need to take a step back and be a little more patient. I’ve learned that patience makes a difference. It makes me a more compassionate person too.  Perhaps it even makes me a better blogger.

Patience takes strength. Patience requires a positive attitude. Patience requires belief…that it will happen in time. Next time you feel tempted to dwell on something that’s progressing slowly in your life, consider this simple piece of advise. Being patient doesn’t mean sitting around just waiting for it to happen. It takes strength and character. Put in the effort to work towards your desires and be kind to yourself in the process. While you wait, try reading, writing, practicing, and keep on trying.  Trust that when you stay positive and believe it is possible you are one step closer to making it happen.  Keep the word patience in your mind.

What aspects do you need to be more patient about today?


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