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IRONMAN Maryland round 2, it’s official!  Quick background for those who are new here.  I signed up for my first Ironman thinking it was my first and only. 16 days after finishing I signed up for Ironman Maryland 2014 with intentions for it to be my second and final Ironman.  Turns out Ironman has me hooked and there’s been a change of plans that I’m really excited about…

I am so thrilled that I will return to race Ironman Maryland for the second year in a row, 9 weeks after I race Ironman Lake Placid!  I’ve known this for nearly two months (some of you have known too) although I haven’t found the right opportunity to share this on my blog until today.  In the midst of training for IMLP on Team for Cures Multiple Myeloma I’ve been asking myself how to manage blogging and training for two Ironmans at the same time. Do I keep them separate or do they belong together?  I think I’ve finally figured out how to manage training and blogging both so I’m finally read to share this today. I haven’t quite figured out my strategy though to race 281.2 miles, 9 weeks apart.  I’ve got time to figure this one out though.

I used to say that I didn’t ever plan on repeating any race twice. Looks like there’s been lots of changes in plans since I began this journey and that’s exciting. Plans change. Life changes. We are constantly changing. Triathlon transition is even a form of change from swim to bike and bike to run. Embrace change because “Change is the only constant.” Heraclitus. So many of us from IMMD 2014 agree that there’s something extra special about Ironman Maryland and I can’t wait to be out there on the IMMD course again with so many friends from last year who are returning and the new friends I’m meeting along the way. More updates on IMMD 2015 coming soon. To all of you who will race your first Ironman at IMMD 2015, confidence, believing in yourself, dedication and health are the most important things that lead you to arrive at the starting line.  See you all in 26 weeks!  Happy training rain or shine… or in my case today wind…

I captured this video on my run this afternoon. I almost redid it and then figured I’d leave it real. It’s so windy that a random plastic bag flew across my arm in the city. I thought it was funny so I left the video exactly as it happened.


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