Meeting Chef Robert Irvine.

Robert Irvine Philadelphia

Look who I spotted today heading in to train this afternoon.  Yep, World-renowned Chef Robert Irvine of Restaurant Impossible and creator of Fit Crunch Protein Bars! (Peanut Butter being my favorite).

For some reason I stopped and sat my gym bag on the club’s cafe table before heading in to train. When I looked up, who was sitting next to me?  He was!  Pretty exciting to chat with him as we headed into the gym together. Super nice guy. He pointed out my jacket and asked me what my next Ironman would be. We chatted about both IMLP and IMMD.  Way to make me smile, Robert! I’m a girl who loves to train and cook so meeting him at the gym of all places, chatting fitness, and laughing with a guy who was once named Top 25 Fittest Men in America by Men’s Health and one of my favorite chefs was an awesome way to start Monday. Robert, look at those incredible arms! I definitely had one of my best workouts today with the energy and smiles he brought me. I told you Monday’s are awesome!  Thank you, Robert. You rock.

Chef Irvine Sporting Club

Image at Sporting Club from RobertIrvine twitter

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