Why I love Mondays.

i love mondays

I love Mondays.

Poor Monday. It didn’t ask for all this contempt. I’ve decided I’m going to try to change the tide for Monday, so that maybe it can get some of the appreciation that the weekend gets. I have made a conscious choice to appreciate and welcome the very first work day of the week. I feel enthusiastic about starting the week, a chance to accomplish new things and produce results. Monday introduces a fresh, new color into my world. Monday is a a new attitude.  This simple shift in thinking may have a serious influence on your week ahead. Maybe my reaction to Monday is not typical, but here’s why I love Mondays.

1. Monday is a New Beginning.

The start of a new week is a great thing. Monday is a great day to begin something new and accomplish whatever it is you were trying to achieve last week. Today is a fresh start, a clean slate, full of possibilities.

2. Monday is a like a mini New Years… set mini resolutions.

Speaking of resolutions, how’s your New Year’s resolutions going?  Weekly goals are so much easier to stick to. Monday is a great day to set new goals.

3. Monday is a great day to begin making healthier choices.

Make healthier choices on Monday. I’m talking eating, exercise, the relationship with yourself and others, and so on. Repeat daily.

4.  Monday some of you get to see lots of people you haven’t seen since Friday.

Oh wait, you mean you don’t like the people you work with?  Never mind, let’s try #4 again…

4. Mon means My in French. Therefore Monday = Myday! Make your day amazing!

5. Monday there is coffee EVERYWHERE.

Have you noticed how it seems like coffee is everywhere on Monday?

6. Monday is a great day to be alive.

Monday is another day you have your breath. Give thanks for life every day you wake up.  On Monday, celebrate being alive.

7. Monday is a great day to start planning the weekend.

If you simply are not convinced Monday is an awesome day of the week, then start planning the weekend . You are one day closer to Friday.

Start seeing Monday from a different perspective. You can dislike Monday if you want to but Monday is here to stay. The sooner you start being thankful for this new day, the happier your entire week will be. Do you hate Monday, tolerate them, or love Mondays? It’s your choice. Happy Monday to all!

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