Ironman Training with Friends: 16 Weeks to IMLP.

ironman lake placid training

Never underestimate the value of a person who can see the bigger picture with you and hold you accountable in your efforts. Whether it’s a friend in person, phone, text, Facebook, or whatever I’m grateful for friends who motivate and inspire me.  I sometimes ask myself how it was possible to train for my first Ironman completely solo and I have to give credit and thanks to tri friends who sometimes train with me and friends who inspire me throughout the process. I want to express how grateful I am to for my friendship with Chuck, my “Inspire” friend, who truly does inspire me. I love his motivating texts that almost always make me laugh.

There are 16 weeks to Ironman Lake Placid and 25 weeks to Ironman Maryland.  I almost always love to train. I’d say there is maybe three days a month that it takes digging deep down inside to push myself to train.  Phew, tonight was one of those nights. Sometimes it feels like I blog my harder days more often than the successful days.  That’s probably because blogging for me can sometimes be therapeutic and it helps me process my thoughts along with track my triathlon training progress. I’ve been working hard and for the most part am happy with where I am. I accomplished zero training though today by 5′oclock.  Swimming was on the agenda and I wasn’t sure I’d get it in.  Yesterday was our first beautiful 70 degree day and today returned to gloomy 37 degree weather. I can’t believe it is April 9 and I wore my winter jacket again. The weather made me feel unmotivated although I know weather is no excuse. Thankfully, one of my favorite tri friends who is also training for Ironman Maryland posted this on Facebook tonight.  ”I need to swim today but just so unmotivated and this weather makes me just want to stay in. Ugh!!!!!” This was perfect. I felt relief that I was not alone on both the weather and training. She didn’t want to train today. Neither did I. Sometimes a friend is all you need to get started. I pushed her. She pushed me. We pushed one another.  We swam and had some fun at the same time.  I was starving when we finished but that’s nothing new.  I’m glad I trained and glad it’s done. Once again, I am thankful for my friends who train with me and friends who keep me motivated, laughing and loving the path that leads to the starting line.  If you don’t have a friends like Kim to train with I highly suggest going out and finding some. Training with friends is a great way to stay motivated, get advice, learn more about the sport, share strengths and weaknesses, and have a great time. Surround yourself with fun people who aim high to achieve their goals and dreams. Thanks for making such a difference in training tonight, Kim!  You rock.


Oh, and the video?  Don’t mind my silliness. I’m just testing out being in front of the camera.  I’m supposed start two triathlon video series soon and it’s more challenging that I imagined to feel comfy in front of the camera. Blogging vs. video are much more different than I thought. Just like getting started with a triathlon training plan or making it to the starting line of a triathlon, I just need to get started!  More to follow soon.

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