#BroadStreetHotGuys: Broad Street Run 2015

NBC Philadelphia Keith Jones

Keith Jones NBC Philadelphia Broad Street Run

I always say that I’ll never run any race twice. I enjoy variety and there’s so many interesting races out there that I swore I’d never step foot on the same course more than once. It looks like I’ll officially break that rule this Sunday since I ran Broad Street Run two years ago.  Broad Street Run 2015 will be a training run for my big race that means everything to me this year, Ironman Lake Placid Team for Cures Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.  I hope to as much fun doing Broad Street as I did at Philly Love Run Half Marathon. Posting mile by mile race selfies as I ran the course made things much more interesting for me.

While I was at the Broad Street Run expo it occurred to me that I’ve got to do something different in order to stay entertained. Maybe looking out for hot guys at every mile could be interesting, but I was pretty sure that’s been done before. Sure enough, Kelly Roberts ran the NYC Half Marathon last year taking selfies with hot guys and Philly.com picked up the story and mentioned “Ladies, I think I see a hottguysofbroadstreetrun in our future…”  So thanks, Kelly Roberts and Philly.com for inspiring me on this one.  I am not sure if I’ll do selfies or just take pictures of the hot guys but I’ll figure it out as I go. Considering this is America’s largest 10-Mile Race, I do not expect it to be a challenge to spot 10 hot guys, mile by mile, racing Broad Street Run. #broadstreethotguys

Oh, and by the way… I had a little chat this afternoon with Keith Jones of NBC Philadelphia. He is racing and he’s definitely my pre-race hot guy pick for #broadstreethotguys  Best wishes for an awesome run, Keith and all Broad Street Runners!

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