Broad Street Run 2015 Race Report #BroadStreetHotGuys


Team for Cures Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

Broad Street Run 2015 surpassed expectations! This race report is a little different than most of my reports and can’t be compared to my BSR 2013 Race Report.  I’ve always said I will never repeat any race twice but today I officially broke my trend racing America’s largest 10 mile race for the second time. This year Broad Street Run felt like an important training race for Ironman Lake Placid Team for Cures MMRF. I dedicated the year of 2015 to raising awareness to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. There is a reason why and you are welcome to read more here. I look forward to racing 140.6 miles on July 26 to help find a cure for cancer.

There’s something about running 10 miles straight, north to south, without any turns, that makes my mind woozy. To avoid this feeling I had to come up with something to entertain myself and focus along the way. Running continues to challenge me. That’s part of the reason I enjoy it as I continue to learn every time I run a race. I had to come up with something more interesting than posting race selfies (see image #2) like I did mile by mile during the Love Run. I ran into Keith Jones and some other fellas from NBC Philadelphia on Friday at the expo. I had an “ah ha” moment while I chatted with them and then came up with #BroadStreetHotGuys.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I now bring you the 2015 #BroadStreetHotGuys. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and if you did, tell me who’s your favorite?  Stay around for more fun. This hashtag is sticking around.  I’ll share more very soon on facebook.  Congrats to all who ran!

Broad Street Run 10 mile: 1:32:45. Truth? It bugs me I came in 2 minutes over 1:30 and I wonder what I could have done without taking 52 images blog-running. Oh well, it was totally worth it.

Almost all of the #BroadStreetHotGuys selected gave permission to have their pictures posted and just a few flew by too fast. If you find yourself in an image and wish to be removed please contact me.

Broad Street Run 2015 race report

Start Line #BroadStreetHotGuys:  Excited to run into one of my favorite Philly Tri Club members.  No #broadstreethotguys were arranged with previous notice. Kicking off the race with a fellow triathlete and now one of the #broadstreethotguys

Broad Street Run 2015

Mile 1 #‎BroadStreetHotGuys:  Race for a reason! That is hot. Plus, he’s handsome!

#Broadstreethotguys Broad Street Run

Mile 2 #BroadStreetHotGuysI kept trying to get ahead of him. I flashed my sign, pointed to him, and his face lit up! After he said “Thank you!” I smiled back and took off searching for the next one.


Mile 3 #BroadStreetHotGuys:  Hot Dayum! Might be one of my favs.


Mile 4 #BroadStreetHotGuys:  These guys are all priceless, even though I dropped my iphone and broke the screen just to get a picture with him. My fault, not his.  At least he represents a great cause.


Mile 5 #BroadStreetHotGuysHalf way. ‪#BroadStreetHotGuys‬ are currently keeping me at 8:40 pace! At least for now. It occurs to me that I have not paid attention to anything else in the race and how quickly these 5 miles have flown by.

Broad Street Run 2015 review

After mile 5 I heard “Go Keli, Go!” Not a #BroadStreetHotGuy but spotted a fan aka one of my nutrition besties B. Komplete. I actually ran backwards a few steps to capture this.

Broad Street Hot Guys

Approaching Mile 6 I got a little nervous here. For  at least a half mile no #BroadStreetHotGuys in site.

Broad Street Run Hot Guys

Mile 6 #BroadStreetHotGuys Phew, found one!  Love a hottie who drinks fresh juice!

broad street run 2015

Mile 7 #BroadStreetHotGuys:  Yup, I actually turned around and went backwards to get this one.  Anyone who knows me knows I love to sweat. Comes with the package of being a Hot Yoga Teacher.  There was a tie at mile 7, both being spectators. So let me introduce you to the next mile 7 #BroadStreetHotGuys

broad street run 2015 report

Mile 7 #BroadStreetHotGuys Patriotic Man ties for the slot title #BroadStreetHotGuys Mile 7.

broad street run race report

Awe, while they aren’t qualified for #BroadStreetHotGuys I had to include this awesome baseball team. These guys had so much energy they really rocked at mile 8.

Broad Street Run Hot Guys

Mile 8 #BroadStreetHotGuys:  Hot indeed. I wasn’t sure if he was chasing me or if I was chasing him. It doesn’t matter though and what’s important is that he’s a hot guy.  Woot, woot! Well hello #BroadStreetHotGuy …

Broad street run 2015 results

Mile 9 #BroadStreetHotGuys  A Run215 member approached me and said “so I hear you are looking for ‪#‎broadstreethotguys‬!” And so I present, my friend Gary!  So much fun to have three friends find me to become one of the #broadstreethotguys


Finish Line #BroadStreetHotGuys Oh hello!  Yes I picked up my pace for a split second to catch up and check this one out. America’s largest 10 mile race approaching the FINISH with a PR and the finish line ‪#‎broadstreethotguys‬!


Post-race#BroadStreetHotGuys But wait, there’s more! What are the chances with at race of 40,000 people I would run into a friend just before crossing the start line and just after crossing the finish line? This hot guy posted on my facebook last night “Looking forward to seeing you!!!” but I didn’t seriously think we’d see one another.   What an awesome grand finale to #BroadStreetHotGuys!

But wait, you want more? Great, we have some runner-up #BroadStreetHoyGuys contestants. In the event any #BroadStreetHotGuys selected requests to be removed (but why would they do that?) one of the following hot guys will take their place.

Broad Street Run 2015 Be well philly


Broad Street Run




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  • Lisa

    Wow! I need to take in the sights around me more often in these runs! Great job finding some hotties! Hard to pick a favorite, Keli. Finish? Mile 2? Runner up 1? Geez!! Love the smiles that you captured. Wish I could have seen this go down. Haha. Great run today. Congrats!

  • Ridhima

    this was hilarious! i’m definitely going to start reading your stuff!! :D

    • yogapeach

      Thanks so much! Glad we’ve connected and happy you enjoyed it. Stayed tuned for more #broadstreethotguys

  • Susanne

    Dibs on the dude in the tutu!

  • Shannon

    Runner up 1!

    • yogapeach

      Shannon, it appears a lot of people dig runner-up 1. Maybe he should have made the cut.

  • Gary

    So much November Project love.

  • Tara

    This was so great! I love the idea of doing something like that to stay entertained and distracted throughout the race. There was a VERY attractive cop standing guard on one of the side streets around mile 2.5 or 3…I’m still thinking about him.

    • yogapeach

      Tara! Thanks so much for following, so glad you enjoyed the entertainment. I actually thought about including one police officer for #broadstreethotguys! Congrats on your race.

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  • Ashlee

    Keli, I see a matchmaking site in your future pairing hot runner guys and ladies :) I love this!!

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