To Kill A Goose

ironman lake placid training plan

So I killed a goose.  Really…I killed a goose and feel terrible about it. A little sick to my stomach right now and having second thoughts about throwing the piece of chicken from the fridge onto the grill tonight. I was out for a two hour ride with a new member from tri club.  I’m sure I made a great first impression. The trail was spotty with geese here and there. On our way back from the ride there was a goose right in the middle of the patch we were on. He was walking forward and then just stopped as I came right at him. At 17 MPH I rode right over this big plump goose and then he bounced right off my wheel. It felt disgusting to ride right over him and I have no idea how I didn’t fall off the bike.  I was too scared to look behind me so I asked the guy I was riding with take a look at what had just happened. Chunks of feathers weaved through my derailleur. He was kind enough to take them out for me. So gross it made me sick that I had probably just killed an animal. I’m not happy to blog about this but it’s one of those training moments that I have to document. So incase you were wondering, this is how To Kill A Goose.

80 days to Ironman Lake Placid.  Sheesh. I’m going vegetarian tonight.

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