When They Knock You Down


Do not allow people to knock you down!  

Unfortunately, way too many us learn that we are something that we are not from the past. Most of the time these assessments have everything to do with the insecurities and emotional wounds of the giver and nothing at all to do with the receiver.  When someone puts you down do not accept their assessment as truth. It is only their opinion and usually has everything to do with them and nothing at all to do with you. Sometimes their opinions are even based on lack of communication. You have a choice whether or not to allow their personal wounds affect you. It is their junk and it does not belong to you, unless you accept it.

Do not allow people to knock you down!  

Even when you put yourself out there with your best intentions to do something positive there are people out there who will knock you down. It’s going to happen. I understand that it is especially hurtful when you do something with great intentions, something close to your heart, only to be cut down or embarrassed by someone else. Sadly, there are people who will undermine someone’s success or positive intentions to make themselves feel better about themselves. Recognize this and chose to respond with kindness. Those who knock us down may need kindness the most. Everyone goes through battles at some time.  Their perception of you is often times a reflection of themselves. Be good to these people. Inspire them to be kind. It may not be easy, but treat all humans with compassion.

“Your perception of me is a reflection of you; my reaction to you is an awareness of me.” – Coach Bobbi

Do not allow anyone to knock you down!

A self-compassionate loving person does not go around putting others down. Quite the contrary, really. Someone who is full of genuine self-love wants to make a positive impact on the world around them.  People who are happy do not need to knock others down.  Someone with genuine compassion wants to boost others up and encourage them. Please think about this the next time someone tries to knock you down. This is an important lesson to teach every human being from the day they are born. Focus on the loads of people who appreciate you and your efforts in life. All humans deserve compassion. Be kind to all and keep on doing your thing. Keep on doing what you are passionate about and what you believe in.

Do not allow anyone to knock you down! And when they do, rise above it and lift someone else up. Have a great night!

“Strong people don’t put others down. They lift them up.” Michael P. Watson. 


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  • Laura

    ♡♡♡ I shall attempt to turn away from my mean…just for you.

    • yogapeach

      It’s okay to stand up for yourself. Just be aware of where people’s energy is coming from when they cut you down pretty lady.

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