BREATHE: 38 days to Ironman Lake Placid

How do you manage anxiety and stress? Today I want to talk about the breath. There are a number of effective breathing techniques that help relieve anxiety. I just want briefly talk about the benefits of taking basic breathing. There’s nothing new to learn here today.

Breathe. There is nothing more important to our bodies and our emotions as the breath. Without the breath, what do we have? Beyond the obvious for oxygen, the breath plays an important role in regulating our emotions. The breath communicates with the body that all is well. When we breathe deeply we tell the body it can relax. Focus on breathing deeply, expanding the diaphragm allowing it to fill up fully and as you exhale release everything. Relax and allow your emotions to release. Think of this as internal yoga. Deep breathing slows the body’s rhythms and restores the calm. Today I invite you to breathe deeply and frequently…and to release anxieties and stress. Can you do this?

1)  Turn your cell phone off every three or four hours. Set an alarm if you have to.

2) Take five deep, relaxing breathes. Soften your gaze and close your eyes. Breathe in deeply through your nose and exhale fully through the mouth. On each exhalation, visualize any tension or stress leaving your body.

Big hugs! Happy calm Wednesday!  Keli

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