Ironman World Championship: Week 2 Training

Ironman World Championship training report

The more you show up, the more you believe in yourself.  This week I showed up every single day eager to train. I went to bed each night looking forward to what was ahead. Ironman World Championship training week 1 was awesome and week 2 was even better. The past week filled me with even more energy than usual, each day buzzing with an endorphin high for several hours after training.  I feel pumped and positive, physically and mentally. Things feel so right and I can honestly say that I feel better training now than I have in many months of training.

Coach sent my training schedule daily for the first two weeks with feedback every single day. From here forward I’ll receive my training schedule each weekend for the full week ahead.  Wait a minute….coach?  I am still getting used to saying it. I prefer to call him “Boss” or “Officer” but no matter what I call him, he’s my coach.  If you’ve followed my previous training blogs then you know that I’ve never had a coach. So why now with just 8 weeks to race day?  I asked myself how I will safely and effectively begin Ironman training again seven days after finishing Ironman Lake Placid?  Will I train too hard or not enough?  This is KONA! I want to do things right, show up knowing that I am fully prepared for this race.  I am a coach (different kind) and my clients work with me to create changes and to effectively achieve their goals.  I know that by working with a coach it will help me grow and reach my goals.  I want to train like never before, pushing my body to the limits in pursuit of the ultimate Ironman experience. This opens an opportunity to get even more out of my triathlon experience.  I noticed and felt a difference with my training the week I started working with him. My intentions are to listen to everything he says, learn from him, and take action to improve myself.

Another highlight from week 2 was yoga!  My body feels sooooo good after just two days of Hot Vinyasa Yoga and one day of self practice. I left yoga feeling calm, refreshed and even pretty sore the next morning…think strength training after taking a break for awhile. Things got so busy with my other priorities leading up to my last race that even though I taught yoga, practicing yoga got pushed to the side for way too long. It reminded me that yoga is essential to any triathlon training plan.  If I have time to train for Kona, I will find time to take care of and strengthen my body and mind. At least two days a week. Preferably more.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were my favorite days of training this week. Friday I took a quick break half way through to text boss to make sure the 4300 meter swim was not a typo. Sure enough it wasn’t.  The final 400 meters challenged me although I was fully of energy and happy the rest of that day. To me, the swim is just the swim. I’ve never have the anxiety that some experience with the swim.  It’s the shortest part of the race and my swim time is always similar. But no matter how you slice it, it’s the beginning of an endurance event and no triathlete wants to struggle from the beginning of the race. Coach wants me to work on keeping good form by staying under control, relax into my swim, and work on coming out of the swim refreshed with lots of energy to get on the bike. Saturday’s 3:00 ride was decent although I have so far to go in order to improve on the bike. It’s okay, it’s not all supposed to be easy and gives me something to aim for. Sunday’s LSD 1:45 run was slow, steady, hot and fun!  I worked on nutrition alterations during my run and I think I like them. My week 3 training schedule arrived in my inbox last night subject “Picking it up a bit.” It appears training will soon be intense and that excites me.

I’m very happy with week 2 of training for Kona.  The consistency in my desire to train, my dietary improvements, and my overall energy levels during and after training impress me right now. Sometimes it’s difficult to see progress. You know stuff is happening, but you don’t really notice results until the lights come on.  This week a light came on already.  It gave me another boost of confidence that will push me one step closer to not only my Kona Ironman World Championship goals, but my personal goals through this experience too. I love that training for Kona is fun so far.  What does the Ironman World Championship mean if the training isn’t enjoyable? Why tie all of our efforts into the result of one day? For me, training is supposed to be physically, mentally, and spiritually uplifting.  It’s supposed to give you energy more than take it away. Week 2 met all of those expectations.  And now, as I sit here writing one hour before my new 11:30pm bedtime, my body is communicating to me that it would like a rest day.  Fortunately “Active Recovery” is what’s on the schedule tomorrow. Recovery days are important training days. Whatever it is you’re working towards right now, set some goals and then demolish them.  xo Keli

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