IRONMAN World Championship 2015: Week 3 Training

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Aloha, this week I started getting excited and then THIS arrived in my inbox yesterday.  I completed registration this morning and the screen read in capital letters “CONGRATULATIONS, KELI. YOU ARE REGISTERED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE 2015 IRONMAN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!” So I guess this is real now.

I can’t believe how fast week 3 of training went. If it keeps going this quick 47 days to race day will be here very soon. It feels like I just summarized week 2 yesterday.  Week 3 rocked just as much as week 2.  I’ve loved every day of training so far and I keep looking forward to each day ahead.  My week 3 training plan which said “picking it up a bit” on it certainly was true. I enjoyed the challenge.  I know I’m training harder and more effective now that I have a coach and plan.  I am starting to visualize my new goals every day. I learn a valuable lesson through each Ironman I race and I always set new goals with each one…and I don’t necessarily mean the time that I’ll cross the finish. I set lots of personal goals through my training and race day.  If I don’t have new goals, what do I work towards?  Wouldn’t I just sort of just check out of whatever it is I’m doing? Thomas Carlyle said “A man without a goal is like a ship without a rudder” and it’s true.  I am motivated by challenges that sometimes may seem slightly out of reach. Racing the Kona World Championship wasn’t even in the realm of possible outcomes two years ago when I started this sport, and it certainly wasn’t in the list of possibilities when I raced my first “one-and-done” Ironman.  It didn’t even really become a possibility until three months ago in late May.  Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible and for your support to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. If you’d still like to make a donation you can.  I’m giving away one free 2015 Ironman or Ironman 70.3 race entry of your choice for donations made through September 5.

Monday’s 4300 meter swim was long, challenging but FUN!  Possibly my longest swim ever.  I felt full of energy the rest of the day. Saturday’s 55 mile ride (and short run) was the farthest I’ve ridden since Ironman Lake Placid which took place one month ago this weekend.  The bike is definitely my biggest challenge.  The highlight of this week was of course yesterday. Sunday I was scheduled for a long run but instead had the chance to race North East Triathlon with my friend Jim who raced his first triathlon since his transplant in 2013. This was an awesome day and one of my favorite days of the summer. I appreciate my coach shifting my training plans in order for me to race North East tri. I’m still working on my bedtimes, aiming to be sleep no later than 11:30pm. Last week going to bed wasn’t consistent being anywhere from 7:45pm to 1:30am.

Somehow it’s almost 10:00pm so I better wrap this up. Bed tonight should be right now. I hope to start my 2 hour and 15 minute run early. Hopefully I won’t keep waking up at 3:00am hungry. Almost every night last week and I ended up eating Greek yogurt and juice in the middle of the night.  I think we’ve figured out how to overcome that for this week.  Training is a blast so far and overall I am happy with where I am. No matter what happens it’s important that I blog consistently every week until Kona. On the topic of staying motivated, blogging helps to measure my progress which also provides motivation. Have you heard some people say to never look back at the past and to always move forward?  For most things I agree, but when it comes to measuring our progress on things that are important to us sometimes taking a look back is necessary and productive. If it weren’t for tracking my own progress through my blog I don’t think I would realize how far I’ve come. Thank you again to everyone who helped me reach my goal with the MMRF and who helped make the Ironman World Championship possible.  47 days…

Mahalo, Keli

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