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Philly #3 on New York Times 52 Places To Go in 2015

New York Times 52 places to go in 2015

Just a few hours ago the New York Times released 52 Places to go in 2015.  Exciting places like South Africa, Singapore, Zimbabwe, and Tanzania made the list. Guess who else made the list?  Philadelphia, ranking #3!  I really like living here but can someone please explain who came up with list?  How did we rank third in the entire world just behind Milan and Cuba and top in the US, just above Yellowstone? You know the best part about why they say you should come visit us in Philly?  It’s not to visit America’s Birthplace Independence Hall because that wasn’t mentioned. What they DO mention is yoga! That’s pretty funny. So if you are eager to check out the 52 must see destinations of 2015 drop me a line when you arrive Philly.  We’ll get together to bust a yoga move or two. Namaste.


Maroon 5 Kelly Clarkson Honda Civic Tour!


photo via billboard.com

Adam Levine announced today that Maroon5 is going on tour again this summer!!  They are headlining the Honda Civic Tour and Kelly Clarkson is appearing on the tour with them!   I went to the North America Tour in New York City which was amazing and can not wait to see them again this Thursday in Philadelphia. I bought the VIP tickets back in October and am so thrilled to have seats in the first 10 rows!!  Love Adam Levine and Maroon5! April 1 has been an awesome day!

The Honda Civic Tour starts August 1 and presage VIP tickets start today!   Buy your VIP presale tickets tickets TODAY!   I am telling you, it’s worth it!   Check out the schedule on billboard.com.  



A message from a Yogi and Sargent in Kuwait



So I have this yoga friend, US Army Sargent Eric, who’s presently stationed in Kuwait. Eric highly influenced my early yoga teacher training days. Upon opening Facebook this morning I read this message he posted.  I stop and think, trying to imagine where exactly he is…but can’t quite actually picture it.  I’ll leave you with the message.  If there’s anything you’d like to contribute I know they’d be so grateful over there.

so I have this thing called an APO address:
SGT Eric …… (address)

I also teach this thing called yoga to military personnel and civilian contractors 

I have a sorta issue, here we have big cushy mats that are really bad for yoga, or you can do yoga on wrestling mats, still not real good, or you can get those death starter mats for like insane prices that fall apart real fast. Also there are no yoga props to use at all here and they don’t really sell them in the PX

So if you have any usable yoga mats or props (blocks, straps …) that you could send me, that would be awesome.

Yoga in the military is so important and makes a difference.  I will gladly collect and ship any contributions. Please contact me at yogapeachblog@ gmail.com if you’d like to contribute.


70 year old man sets record for underwater yoga

5via Deccan Chronicle 

70-year-old Y. Narasimha Murthy entered the World Telugu Book of Records by for ‘Jala Yoga’ (underwater yoga).

“My intention is to promote yoga amongst the youngsters,” he says. Mr. Murthy plans to undertake a similar feat in the sea. “It is the encouragement of my friends and relatives that helped me achieve it. I will try to make a record by doing it in sea,” Narasimha Murthy  

6via The Hindu News 


Hot Yogi Adam Levine Last night on Tonight Show with Jay Leno!

Adam Levine on Jay Leno last night below! Ohhhhh and he’s leaving for Argentina next and my Argentina VISA is still valid, hmmmm….. anyone know what flight he’s on? Better yet, anyone know what hotel he’s headed to?  Teasing, hehe.  Total crush, admiration and respect for Adam Levine. He’s the hottest rockstar yogi out there.

Adam Levin and Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson, Part 1 (9/5/12)

Adam Levine and Earvin Magic Johnson part 2 talks about MAGIC card

Adam Levine challenges Earvin Magic Johnson (9/5/12)


Five Things You Should Try Before Settling Down (and the five I’ve done!)

Me and Karmin 2006 at Caliente Restaurant Belize

“The Clock is Ticking??”

the article opens with “The Clock is Ticking!”  What the heck?  Who’s rushing who?  I’m 32 years old, single, and stumbled upon this yesterday….


I read the article of course and am still laughing, did you?  The five “things you should try before settling down” are so random, yet the reason I’m still cracking up is that I’ve actually done them all! (well, just about!)

#1 take a road trip with good friends …eh, done that (and you probably have too) but really?  That’s one of the FIVE things to do before settling down?

#2 visit las vegas …or better yet, does it count that I lived there for 5 years?  If not, I’ve certainly gone back as a “tourist” since.  Seriously though, Vegas makes the list?  I can think of loads of other places I’d put on the list before Vegas but I didn’t write the list.

#3 throw the Ultimate House Party …the best house party that comes to mind was actually while my high school sweetheart was house sitting.  The next one that comes to mind was a small “house party” in my dorm room at Sanford Hall at the University of Minnesota.  No booze at either, of course ;) Do either of those count?  If that’s not good enough I don’t know what is because you’ll never see me throwing an ultimate house party these days.

#4 live on a tropical island …age 25, packed my bags and took off from Vegas moving to the tropical island of Ambergris Caye, Belize!  I lived there for a few years, started an event planning business, and still enjoy returning a few times each year.

#5 volunteer abroad …Volunteering with the children’s summer program in Belize along with volunteering throughout Israel are two of my fondest international volunteer opportunities.

So there you have it… according to Elephant Journal I’m all set to settle!  Hear that guys?  (chuckles)

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Top Eco Resorts for Yoga Lovers by Huffington Post

picture taken in 2009  Ambergris Caye, Belize

Huffington Post lists five countries for Top Eco-Resorts for Yoga Lovers Ambergris Caye, Belize is where I lived for several years just two miles from the resort named in the article.  Ambergris Caye is situated a quarter-mile from the second-largest barrier reef in the world.   It is a diver or snorkeler’s paradise offering everything you can imagine on an island while the mainland offers rainforest, Maya Ruins, Caving, and so much more.

I was happy to see the article emailed to me by my sister this morning.  I would love for you all to join me one day in Belize for a yoga retreat.  Could you imagine three days in the rainforest followed by three days on a tropical island?  Paradise. Namaste.

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Vacation Right At Home in the City of Brotherly Love! Thanks Shannon For an Awesome Trip where it’s “Always Sunny in Philadelphia!”

US Liberty Bell-The bell that changed the world four days after July 4 at the first reading our the Declaration of Independence!

America’s Birthplace-Independence Hall US Constitution and Declaration of Independence created and signed  (statue of George Washington)

“True happiness relates more to the mind and heart. Happiness that depends mainly on physical pleasure is unstable; one day it’s there, the next day it may not be.” – The Dalai Lama

I just ended a wonderful mini-vacation with my friend Shannon and the furthest we went was 3 miles from home!  My friend flew in Thursday just before midnight and we had all day Friday and until around noon Saturday (today).  Upon picking her up we  cruised down South Street for a late night slice of pizza at the well known Lorenzo’s.

While you could easily spend three days exploring everything the significant and historic city of Philadelphia has to offer I’m so impressed and happy we made it to so much in 1 1/2 days!  The weather was perfect, sunny and 83 degrees!  Beautiful March spring day for enjoying this wonderful American City.

In 1 1/2 days we visited national landmarks including

America’s birthplace Independence Hall & the Liberty Bell, first American flag designed and stitched at Betsy Ross House Ben Franklin’s Final Resting Place and 4 other signers of the Declaration of Independence Christ Church and Burial Ground Historic Sites, first original Quaker house Arch Street Friends Meeting House, oldest stock exchange building in USA Merchants’ Exchange Building, our nation’s oldest street Elfreth’s Alley and cobblestone streets of Old City, oldest operating market Reading Terminal Market, nation’s largest municipal building and world’s 2nd tallest masonry building built of limestone, granite, and marble Philadelphia City Hall, 3rd largest art museum founded during the first centennial Philadelphia Museum of Art, Fairmount Water Works, walked part way to Jersey on the Ben Franklin Bridge, Rittenhouse Square, strolled down The Avenue Of The Arts South Broad Street, cruised down Souths Street. ate at 2am at the original creator of cheesesteaks Pat’s King of Steaks, breakfast at the oldest outdoor market in America at The Gleaner’s Cafe 9th Street Italian Market and drinks at Table 31, Tria, Rouge, and  Alfa Restaurant & Bar Had a blast, looking forward to more next time so come back soon!    (links are Facebook tags, not location websites)

If Shannon came back for a two day visit I think it’d be fun to visit Penn’s Landing, The Moshulu, Eastern state Penitentiary, Philadelphia’s Magic Garden, Valley Forge National Park, Washington’s House, The Bellevue XIX and The Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co (we really should have visited  BOTH last night!), a few more spots in Center City, and second day hit the Jersey Shore, cruise the boardwalk and spend a night in Atlantic City.

I hope this provides suggestions to anyone who might be passing through Philadelphia.  Even if you’re here for just a day it’s worth exploring and taking advantage of the city full of impressive sites, awesome food, excellent culture and great people  The transportation system is great and allows you to get around quick (I love no traffic!), easy and inexpensive.  Have false east coast judgements?  Check out what travelandleisure.com has to say about America’s Favorite Cities.  Oh, and it’s an easy driving distance to New York City, Washington DC, Jersey Shore, Atlantic City, and Boston and just a day’s drive to Montreal.

Thanks Shannon for an awesome “get-away” right here in Philly!  Thanks for all the great pics you captured too!  I felt like I was on vacation every minute.  XOXO

Assembly  Room-Signing of US Constitution and Declaration of Independence.   The most important treasures in the room are the chair used by Washington during the Constitutional Convention, with its rising sun carved on its back and the silver inkstand used for the signing of both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court  “stand trial.”

America’s Oldest Street Elfreth’s Alley

oldest stock exchange building in USA Merchants’ Exchange

Ben Franklin Pkwy view from Philadelphia Art Museum

oldest operating market

Ben Franklin Bridge walked part way to New Jersey

Philadelphia Museum of Art-Famous Rocky Stairs

view of city from Art Museum

gorgeous structure

Ben Franklin Institute

City Hall (from Avenue of the Arts side)  exterior of limestone, granite and marble

Shannon and Greek

My friend Shannon’s first Philly Cheese Steak.  Btw, IN Philly it’s just a “cheese steak!”

2:00am visit to the world’s famous Cheese Steak Corner in South Philadelphia   Pats King of Steaks.com , the originator of the cheese steak and right across is Geno Steaks.com Of course no visit to Philly is complete without a visit to this corner after a night out in the city.

Giordano’s began as a produce stand in 1921 growing into a block-long stretch of storefronts by the Giordano family, who lived in apartments above the store.  It was a multilingual, multi-ethnic market, where Italian and Jewish shopkeepers and their families spoke English, Italian and Yiddish.    The first spot of  the  famous 9th Street Italian Market

The Gleaners, one of my fav little local cafes to walk to

Italian immigrants in the 1930′s, Danny and Joe Di Bruno, along with their brothers and sisters, came to Philadelphia through Ellis Island in search of the American Dream. They arrived to Philadelphia’s 9th Street Italian Market. With 3rd grade educations, they working endless hours, and their entrepreneurial spirit, the brothers opened up the Di Bruno Bros. at this location.  They became so famous in Philly there is now one in Rittenhouse Square and University City.

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Sesame Street Word on The Street: BALANCE!

Sesame Street gets their Ohmmm on practicing YOGA!   This is soooooo exciting to me.  Sesame Street was my favorite growing up. (and secretly still in my top 10!) I still love Sesame Street and my niece and nephew enjoy it in both English and Spanish!  I am thrilled Sesame Street shares the benefits of starting yoga at an early age.   I didn’t even know what yoga was 20 years ago and only wish I had learned about it in my Sesame Street watching years!

The Getting Centered episode first aired on November 25.  Telly missed the yoga class that Leela taught so Rosita and Elmo teach him what they learned about, breathing, balancing and stretching!   I need to get my hands on a copy of the full episode but here’s the sneak peak of

Sesame Street:  Getting Centered

Word on the street: Balance
When something doesn’t tip or fall over because it has equal weight on both sides.

Educational Goal:

Brought to you By:
The letter E and number 8




Post Hurricane Irene and Tornado Philadelphia

“Hurricane Irene thrashed violently through Philadelphia overnight, touching off at least one tornado, raising the Schuylkill River to levels not seen in 140 years, and drenching the Delaware and Jersey shore overnight. At least 11 people were killed in five states as Irene moved up the Eastern Seaboard. “  via  www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/128554588.html

Sadly this number was updated later this evening to 18 deaths.

Hanging onto his hat!   It felt like my cellphone was going to fly out of my hand when I took the picture this evening.

Just after passing the man above I walked over several large branches on the sidewalk.  No serious damage that I can see in my area. I heard many sirens and police cars throughout the night.

Many of the streets had street lights blinking yellow after loosing power.  This is one block from where I live.

The pictures above are within 1-3 blocks from where I live post-Irene.  As you can see, we were quite fortunate nothing too serious happened. I was lucky not to loose power.  I played it safe today and took the mayor’s advise, not going to power yoga.    I am sitting at Cosi right now (walked there) and the man next to me is telling me his building right down the street has no power.  The overflowing Schuykill River affected the area just blocks from here.  PA Electric Co. shut off electricity in the whole area.  I know we are really lucky in my area.  There was severe flooding in other parts of Philadelphia and throughout the state. Many roads and 38 bridges in the Philadelphia region will remained closed until flood waters from Hurricane Irene recede.

I know that there was a tree that fell down on a man’s car while he was driving.  Thank goodness he is okay.

Here’s a clip from Manayunk, Philadelphia just 15 minutes from me, where I lived until this July.

After walking to four Starbucks I concluded all Starbucks in the city are closed today.

16th and Walnut, power out still out in surrounding area

Storm precaucions, Rittehouse Square area Philadelphia

Main Street.  Manayunk, Philadelphia  My old neighborhood just 15 minutes from where I am now.   (picture from my friend Jenn, thank you Jenn.)

Creek turned river

Eucalyptus tree did not survive Irene.  This is a picture of my sister’s backyard in South Jersey.  I am relieved the tree did not hit their home.

I hope everyone in the surrounding is alright. I know several of you lost power, hope that was the worst of it.

Here’s how I passed time throughout the evening last night. How to Pass Time Through Hurrican Irene How did you all pass the time during the storm?

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