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Ways to Store Your Makeup

Ways to store makeup

image Women’s Health 

Alright. This isn’t yoga, triathlon, fitness, health & wellness, food, or babies but I love this ”Stick With It” beauty board to store makeup. Drape a metal sheet in fabric, frame it, and hang it on your wall. Glue magnets to the bag of your products and stick them to the board. If that’s too much work stick velcro dots to your wall and to the backs of your products, and keep them off your floor that way. Check out more on Women’s Health for 14 Genius Ways to Store Your Beauty Products.  


Special Thanks MMRF Charity Ride & MYZONE

Ironman Lake Placid MMRF Team for Cures events

Huge thank you to the Sporting Club Bellevue and instructor Robby “The Spin Dr” for hosting the first MMRF Team for Cures Ironman Lake Placid 2015 charity event with me to support the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. 

This morning’s Charity Spin Class kicked off a two day event to raise awareness and funds for the research and development of a cure for cancer. Multiple Myeloma is the second most common form of blood cancer and has one of the lowest five-year relative survival rates of all cancers. I will race the 2015 IRONMAN Lake Placid on the MMRF Team for Cures and will swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles, run 26.2 miles and raise at least $5,000 for the MMRF. I’ve shared more about the MMRF and my goals ahead here. A BIG thank you to each and every person who took time out of their Sunday morning to ride with us and donated to this cause that is so dear to my heart. Your support means so much to me. Thank you for letting me share a little piece of my story and the story of many faced with the challenges of MM. If you were unable to join us I hope to see you at upcoming MMRF Events to support the cause. Donations go direct to the MMRF and your donation is tax-deductible.

MYZONE reviews

And finally a huge thank you to MYZONE, who has kindly donated a MYZONE device to our raffle for our all-day cycling charity event tomorrow at the Sporting Club Bellevue. My chest strap and monitoring system keeps me motivated throughout rides and workouts. I’m aware of how hard (or not hard) I’m working and it’s awesome motivation. MYZONE transmits heart rate, calories and effort in real time to a live display and uploads data to a logbook accessed online or through the free app. MYZONE monitors display your effort levels live in real timewhen used in a class or it stores your effort levels in the memory of the belt when you’re working out independently. It is the only exercise tracking system that provides real-time feedback of exercise intensity. The device also offers a social and group ‘game’ based features to encourage friends to be active more together.

Hope to see some of you tomorrow as the charity event continues! I will ride 100 miles and there will be spin bikes on each side if you’d like to join me.  Stop by for a ride or just to keep me company. There will be raffles to win a MYZONE, and gift certificates from Tria Wine Bar, Down Dog Healing Cafe, Advocare, yoga and more!


Smooch Snacks from UNFI

Smooch snacks

I was beginning to think these last 2 weeks would be a daily drag but tonight I proved myself wrong!  Maybe hearing “Hey champion” helped as I jumped into the pool and took off for my first lap. I looked over and my new swim bud was in the next lane. Lately he seems to be swimming every time I hit the pool no matter what time of day it is. What’s his name again?  Brad, I think.  Brad’s a hardcore swimmer and his presence motivated me today. I swam, I biked and ended with a very short run.

Two mystery packages were waiting for me when I came home starving. Funny neither of them had names on the return address. Thank you, David of Unfi, for the gigantic box of Smooch Snacks.  I met David just a few weeks ago at a member appreciation event at the gym.  So what’s a Smooch Snack?  They’re 100% Natural, contain only 6 ingredients and each flavor is a blend of three fruit purees. They also contain superfoods chia seeds and acerola. They’re gluten free, vegan, and loaded with vitaminC and omega3. Oh, and they’re delicious and perfect for pre-workout, mid-workout and post workout snacks.

Then I opened the next package which turned out to be homemade chocolate chip walnut cookies from my friend Shannon!  Cookies sort of happen to be an excellent post workout recovery food too!  Seriously, they were awesome and such a fun surprise. Thanks David and Shannon!

Yoga & Bouldering Support Urban Blazers

Urban Blazer Philadelphia events

Ooooh…rock climbing! That’s something I’ve never done before.  Actually, I tried it when I was 10 years old and could barely do it.  I think it’s time to try it again!  One of favorite yoga instructors in Philadelphia, Alain Benitez, MD RYT 200, and Philadelhpia Rock Gym East Falls are hosting an evening of yoga, bouldering and dessert to support Urban Blazers on Thursday, January 30th from 6:15-8:30pm. Looking forward to this event! 

Urban Blazers is a non-profit organization using active experience to stimulate youth to become responsible for their development, education, leadership and relationships.  The program is run by socially motivated volunteers to meaninfully impact youth from under-resouced communities in Philadelphia. Urban Blazers consists of experiential education and are typically delivered through outdoor activities that serve as hands on learning environments. Activities, such as rock climbing, hiking, camping, whitewater rafting, canoeing and skiing, are used as subtle techniques to engage youth. The goals of our programs include relationship development and mentoring, leadership and healthy team dynamics, and science and conservation education. Urban Blazers collaborates with schools, mentoring programs, community centers and other local youth organizations.

Yoga & Bouldering to Support Urban Blazers Sign up!

Thursday, January 30, 2014 from 6:15 PM to 9:00 PM 

Session 1: 6:15pm – 8:30pm

Yoga w/ Alain Benitez MD, RYT200 – 6:15-7:15pm*

Bouldering Lesson w/ PRG Staff- 7:15-7:45pm

Followed by Dessert from Koliyan and Cookie Confidential!

Session 2: 6:45- 9pm*

Bouldering Lesson w/ PRG Staff  6:45-7:15pm

Yoga w/ Alain Benitez MD, RYT200 7:15-8:15pm

Followed by Dessert from Koliyan and Cookie Confidential!

Alain is a physician and an experienced practitioner of Power Vinyasa Yoga. He is well known in the Philadelphia region for his “Yoga for Men” class which focuses on the unique challenges for men in their yoga practice.  At the event, Alain will be introducing a unique hour long yoga class geared toward the strength and flexibility needs of climbers.

Philadelphia Rock Gyms is a leader in the climbing world with exceptional instructional staff. Their new East Falls location’s focus on bouldering both provides incredible variety to available climbs and removes the need to find a friend to belay everytime you want to climb.


Kiku apples

Kiju apples

kiku apple

Have you tried these apples?  I’m not trying to sell you apples but you’ve seriously got to try these!  They’re like pure candy in an apple.  Crispy, sweet, and hint of tartness.  Perfect.  One Kiku apple with a small Greek yogurt is my new favorite pre-workout snack.   If you haven’t tried  KIKU Apples they are like no apple you’ve eaten before!



Triathlon Shopping


Call me a nerd because sometimes I am.  I actually canceled a date to shop for athletic gear last night at City Sports. In my defense I went out three days during the week and just wanted to focus this entire weekend on serious triathlon training and work.

I enjoy shopping for athletic gear as much as I like shopping dresses. Brandon at the Walnut Street store was by far the most knowledgeable sports store sales person I’ve ever encountered. He even got me sold on these socks that cost more for one pair than I usually spend on a 3-pack.  I actually noticed a big difference and think they’re a smart purchase for people who train hard or play sports.  I would definitely prefer the low cut or even the quarter cut so I’ll be trying those next.

I also picked up my sporty goggles by Aqua Spheres and I’m most excited by my new running shoes.  I’ve been dreading my runs again although I can’t say I’ve ever been excited to run.  Running has always been my weakest sport. Thanks to my new Mizuno Wave Rider 16 shoes I was pumped to run before power yoga this morning.  I wasn’t sure about Mizuno’s but they’re ultra light, comfy and I’m pretty sure they’re the best running shoes I’ve ever purchased. I’m so excited to run again tomorrow afternoon.  The only things left to purchase is whatever I’ll be wearing (I have yet to find decent looking triathlon body gear), my bike, bike shoes, a helmut, and a ginormous water bottle.  Suggestions welcome.




Good for Baby, Good for the Earth


Contributing Blogger:  Monica Sackandy, Owner and Director of Little Yoga LLC Ellington CT 

About to deliver my third baby girl in a few weeks, I have recently become the happy owner of some cool baby products that I cannot wait to use! The third time around, I am aiming to use more natural/earth friendly items than I did with my first two little ones. Here is a short list of things that will be replacing the more traditional items I have used in the past:

1. gdiapers  I will be using these in replacement of Pampers and am hoping they work as well as everyone says! gDiapers consist of stylish diaper covers (or gPants), reusable plastic liners, and a choice between disposable biodegradable inserts or cloth inserts. I like that you can either go the hybrid route or do full-on cloth diapering if you choose. The little gPants are adorable and come in many stylish patterns, and the the disposable inserts can be flushed, composted, or tossed. Either way, the carbon footprint is much less than a traditional diaper.

2. Baby Bullet   Essentially the little version of the Magic Bullet or NutriBullet, this is a complete baby food making system. The Bullet purée’s fresh fruits, veggies, meats, and starches. Additionally, you can purchase the Baby Bullet steamer which cooks raw veggies very quickly while retaining nutritional content. It comes with adorable little storage cups that have a date dial on there so you know when you made it, plus a freezer tray to store extra servings! I love that I will not only save money on jarred food, but that there will be no glass containers to recycle. The best part- knowing EXACTLY what is in your baby’s food.

3. Earth’s Best Organic Forumulas  I plan on breast feeding for as long as possible, just as I did with my first two. I was blessed enough to nurse the older one 10 months and the little one 13 months. However, I always have backup formula on hand for emergencies or for weaning if necessary. Earth’s Best will be replacing the hospital recommended Similac Advance we used to supplement in the past. Reading the list of ingredients on some formulas was alarming. I found Earth’s Best to be the least intimidating/shortest list, and it got great parent reviews. In addition, there are no pesticides, hormones, or weird chemicals. We have all heard “breast is best”, but for supplementing its good to know what your options are and to do a little research.

4. Burt’s Bees Baby Bath Products These have been around forever, and I absolutely LOVE them. I have even switched my skin care over to Burt’s Bees. Most of the products are 99-100% completely natural, and easy on baby’s new skin. Bees are awesome, anything they make is a gift from nature- and so are these bath products.

5. Maya Wrap This is more of an ergonomic than environmental choice, but thought I’d mention it. Baby Wearing has become all the rage, and the market is saturated with devices used to carry your baby on your body. In the past I used the Baby Bjorn which I had no problem with. However my second child didn’t seem to enjoy it as much as my first, and I felt it may have been slightly uncomfortable for smaller babies. The Maya Wrap has gotten great reviews for being easy to use and most importantly, comfortable for babies and parents alike. It is more of a sling, allowing newborns to naturally “curl up” while keeping your hands free. I am pretty sure I could even do some standing yoga poses while wearing my baby- I will keep you posted!

If you are planning on replacing any of your mainstream brands with something more earth or baby-friendly, you will no doubt be inundated with options. These are just a few of my choices, but there are many amazing products out there. Happy shopping, and Namaste!


Hey Fancy (yoga) Pants!

5Lord of the Rings Montage Green Leggings $85 AU ($92 US)

I actually think these lively legging by Black Milk are pretty cool.  I kind of want the Lord of the Rings leggings pictured above for yoga (maybe yoga…maybe spin…or maybe even happy hour out with the girls!) The Star Wars leggings are pretty cool too! I think all of the following leggings are pretty interesting too.


5Yoda and Luke Leggings $105 AU  ($110 US)

5Theres No Place Like Home Leggings $60 AU ($63 US)


 Muscles Leggings $75 AU ($82 us)

5Galaxy Pearl Leggings  $85 US ($93 US)



Galaxy Pink Leggings



And these last three, well, maybe not exactly for yoga…

and maybe not exact for me, but I still think they’re totally cool.


 Spartans Liquid Silver Leggings $90 AU ($95 US)

6Spartans Liquid close-up in Gold and….



wow…  Spartans Sheer Leggings


BLACK FRIDAY 24 Day Challenge & 10 Day Herbal Cleanse PLUS FREE PRODUCTS!

20% off the 24 day challenge and 10 Day Herbal Cleanse, PLUS $50 FREE Spark and Slam, AND 20% off all Advocare products for an entire year!

Perhaps you’ve followed or joined us for one of our past 24 day challenges or 10 day herbal cleanses.  Since last November we’ve done four group 24 day challenges and 10 Day Herbal Cleanse.  If you’re trying to Break Through a plateau, ready to jumpstart weight loss, or just lean ou then the AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge may be just what you need to get there!

Thanksgiving Thursday and Black Friday for $79 plus tax &shipping, a FREE $50 kit of SPARK and Slam, 20% discount on the  24 Day Challenge and/or 10 day herbal cleanse, PLUS an immediate 20% discount on all Advocare products for an ENTIRE YEAR.  *no future purchases or payments required!

This savings makes the 24 Day Challenge possible at just $6.33/ day and the full herbal cleanse (recommended with Omegaplex and Spark) at $6.14/ per day.  We spend that easily in a day out at cafes and coffee shops!

FREE kit of SPARK and Slam (value $50.00)

To get your 24 Day Challenge and/or 10 day herbal cleanse, at 20% off PLUS the $50 kit of FREE Spark and Slam, AND 20% off all Advocare products for an entire year get started and grab your savings HERE!

Just want the 24 Day Challenge at 20% without the FREE $50 Spark and Slam and 20% savings all year?  No problem.  Order the 24 Day Challenge direct by Friday at 11:59pm and receive the savings.  Please note direct orders a $14.95 priority mail shipping charge will be added.  Contact yogapeachblog at gmail.com to order.

For questions, please feel free to email me at yogapeachblog at gmail.com or call me at 702-480-8829.  I will be available and happy to answer questions all day on Thursday and Friday with exception to 3-6pm EST Thanksgiving day.  Happy Thanksgiving!


Michele’s Granola: Scrumptious Handmade All-Natural Organic Granola! (wheat & dairy free)



I am so excited I’ve found a granola that I truly adore!  Michele’s Granola offers five handmade all-natural granola blends made with organic ingredients and 100% organic whole grain oats.  Each granola variety is flavorful, crunchy, very fresh and high quality. Wheat and dairy free, no additives or preservatives. It’s perfect for breakfast, snack and even dessert!  I’m thinking it’ll be perfect for our upcoming yoga retreat too.

I have so much respect for owner and founder Michele Thornett. Michele’s Granola began nearly seven years ago with just Michele selling at the farmers’ market and she and her team have developed it into a very successful business. To learn more about Michele, read Michele’ s story.  Michele’s Granola is available online and in stores like Whole Foods, Di Bruno Bros, Wegmans, health food stores and local cafes.

It’s tricky to pick just one favorite, so I’ll share my Michele’s Granola feedback for all five varieties.

Chocolate Cherry hands down my favorite! Juicy tart big plump cherries mixed with rich semi-sweet chocolate and jumbo crunchy clusters satisfies me for breakfast with almond milk, straight from the bag for a snack or dessert on top of Greek yogurt or vanilla ice cream! YUM, I have to be careful with this one, it’s sooooooo crunchy, delicious and addicting!

Ginger Hemp  this one’s unique and delicious.  I adore the flavor of ginger and mixed with buttery hemp seeds, sesame, pumpkin and flax seeds making this one a really special granola. Did you know hemp seeds are a superfood composed of essential fatty acids, fiber and protein and contain all nine essential amino acids required for muscle and other bodily functions that our body can not produce?  This one’s up there with my top favorite because of the uniqueness and the loads of health benefits packed into this granola. I highly suggest checking this ultra healthy blend of granola out.

Pumpkin Spice to me this is the granola version of pumpkin pie and just scrumptious. Organic pumpkin seeds, golden flax, crunchy pecans, and a blend of pumpkin pie spices makes this granola perfect the holiday season.  I took Michele’s recommendations and topped this one a small cup of Greek yogurt, which provides the most balanced breakfast (or dessert!)

Cinnamon Raisin like a fresh baked oatmeal cinnamon raisin cookie loaded with all the good stuff!  Walnuts, sweet plump raisins, and cinnamon.  If you like oatmeal raisin cookies, this one’s a winner.

Original blends coconut, sunflower seeds, almonds, and pure Madagascar vanilla.  If you prefer a traditional granola blend with crunchy granola chunks and loads of flavor this is the one for you!


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