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Chuck Norris wishes you a Merry Christmas Jean-Claude Van Damme style

Chuck Norris wishes you a Merry Christmas Jean-Claude Van Damme style.  Instead of doing the epic splits between two trucks, he pulls a stunt between two planes in mid-air quoting lines from Hamlet. Unlike Van Damme, his efforts of course weren’t real. Happy holidays.


Adam Levine Is PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive


Everyone knows that Adam Levine is my favorite hot yogi rockstar and he has been for years.  I still have a pretty cool secret I’ve waited to share about him.  I actually won something pretty incredible from Adam this year but I’ll save that for another time.  I also dream of teaching or practicing yoga with him.  Now onto the big news…

I’m beyond thrilled that tonight Adam has been named People’s Sexiest Man Alive! Adam Levine credits his sexy body and strength to yoga and spinning.  I knew without a doubt that Adam would be named the Sexiest Man Alive but he’s far more than that.  Adam’s drive, passion, talent, and business success amazes me.  I think he is the most impressive and inspirational rockstar ever.   In response to his new title this evening he says ”This is just a really interesting time where everything seems to be heading in a certain direction,” he adds. “And I’m not taking any of it for granted.”

Adam, well deserved. Congratulations!


Honda Civic Tour 2013 


One direction Harry Styles takes up yoga


image via sugarscape

Did I ever mention that Yoga Peach was influenced by the band One Direction and that I started my blog while listening to one their best songs?  It looks like singer Harry Styles recently took up yoga. Apparently he’s had a bad back and doctors advised him to take up ballet!

“I have a bad back,” explained Styles. “I went to the osteopath and he told me that I should start ballet.”  Harry didn’t seem to appreciate the idea of becoming a ballerina.  ”I didn’t [do ballet], I started doing yoga instead.”

Hey Harry, I owe the band a private yoga class!  Thank you all for inspiring me to start yogapeach.


Adam Levine and Puppies



Adam Levine joins the Today Show’s puppy party! I adore this picture of Adam holding Titan, the little yellow labrador. Today passed 2 million Twitter followers and to help celebrate they threw a puppy party this morning. The puppies were guide dogs-in-training brought to the show by the nonprofit group Guiding Eyes for the Blind.

Adam + puppies+ supporting nonprofit?  Now this is my kind of party!



Jean-Claude Van Damme “The Epic Splits”


Love this video!  I saw the above image posted on the today.com facebook page this morning.  I was running out the door and didn’t click to watch the video.  I’m really glad someone sent me the link tonight and made me smile during dinner.  Thank you!

“I’ve had my ups and downs. My fair share of bumpy roads and heavy winds. That’s what made me what I am today. Now I stand here before you. What you see is a body crafted to perfection.”

This is not your average Volvo commercial, it’s a Jean-Claude Van Damme commercial!  Oh, and one of the most peaceful yoga songs, Enya’s “Only Time,” is in the background.

Jean-Claude Van Damme, nice splits!  This is amazing.  So hot.  Hope to see you in one of my yoga classes soon.


Colin Farrell on why he loves yoga


Image via famepictures

“It’s fun. I do it every day, as much as I can,” actor Colin Farrell told Access Hollywood on Tuesday. Colin’s been known as one of Hollywood’s hottest beach bodies.

“I love being in a class with students – 30 or 40 people all moving in unison,” he said. “It’s very easy to live where you remain in your head… and you’re concerned about various things and constantly contemplating and so on and so forth, so it takes you out of your head for a while and just puts you back into your body.”


Yoga with celebrity trainer Mandy Ingber Yogalosophy




I’m finally back to blogging after being away for two weeks. I have lots of exciting news and events to catch up on. The weekend before I left town I was fortunate to be able to visit New York City with my friend Kim and practice yoga with celebrity yoga and wellness trainer Mandy Ingber, creator of Yogalosophy.  This was my second opportunity to take one of her inspirational classes.  Mandy is well known for being Jennifer Aniston’s yoga instructor along with Kate Beckinsale, Jennifer Lawrence, Ricki Lake, Brooke Shields,  Jennifer Meyer, and Helen Hunt.  Her book Yogalosophy:  28 Days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover just recently made the New York Times Best Seller’s List.  The book offers a suggested 28-day plan to help achieve healthier bodies and happier minds. I highly suggest picking up a copy.

Kim and I attended Mandy’s Mind-Body Detox class at Pure Yoga West.   The heated Vinyasa class was 75 minutes and incorporated her signature Yogalosophy hybrid routine pairing traditional yoga poses with toning exercises.  It also incorporated themes from her book.  After class we had the opportunity to chat with her at the book signing.  Mandy is the most inspirational yoga instructor I’ve practiced with and I am grateful I had the opportunity.

Learn more about Mandy, check out her book at www.mandyingber.com/yogalosophybook and follow her on Facebook.






Marilyn Monroe

Check out Marilyn Monroe’s gorgeous yoga images 1 minute into the video.

“If I’d observed all the rules, I’d never have got anywhere.” Marilyn Monroe


Adam Levine signs NBC development deal



My favorite yogi, rockstar, voice coach, actor, and most inspiring celebrity entrepreneur continues to amaze me. Reports announced today that Adam Levine, lead singer of Maroon 5, signed a development deal with NBC along with his producing partner Jordan Feldstein.  Adam and Jordan will create scripted and other programming for NBC, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

By the way…did you know he launched his own fragrance in February?  Love Adam Levine Fragrance!

How does he manage to keep it all together?  ”With a centered attitude and a crapload of yoga” according to his interview with Mens Health.  “I have a hard time sitting still,” Levine says. “I can be all over the map. Yoga has given me the ability to be more focused and make better decisions that come from a clear place.” Yes, it keeps his stamina up, his physique toned, and his abs ripped. But many forms of exercise can deliver superficial results like these. “Maybe more than anything else,” says Chad Dennis (Adam’s private yoga trainer).  ”yoga teaches you to be still and calm under challenging circumstances.” menshealth.com

Congrats to the most handsome and inspirational rockstar ever.


Ryan Giggs Dedicated Yogi and Football Player


via Mirror.co.uk 

Ryan Giggs reached the historic mark yesterday in the Champions League match against Real Madrid making his 1000th career appearance.  Ryan Giggs is being called the greatest Manchester United player ever.  So maybe this means he’s the coolest yogi-football player ever.  (US people-it’s called football not soccer, okay?)

When asked how he is still playing at 39 he said one of the main reasons is because of yoga.Yoga is key to prolonging my Manchester United Career.Here’s a few articles on how yoga has influenced his career, but google “Ryan Giggs and yoga” and you’ll come up with loads more.

Manchester United Star Ryan Giggs Won’t Shut-up about Yoga

Feeling Good With Yoga-the secrets of Gigg’s success 

How yoga extended my Manchester United career

Manchester United's Giggs stretches during training session at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow

7via Giggs Fitness power and strength through yoga

Apparently he loves yoga so much he released Giggs Fitness DVD last year ”Strength and conditioning, inspired by yoga”


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